Thursday, August 27, 2009


I havent been blogging that much due to some
amazing new life changes happening!
I have joined the work force again!!
After being a stay-at-home Mommy for quite some time,
(years if we must)
I have re-joined the workforce and can be
officially called a~
Hmmm, the title sounds soo weird after being the title of~
for sooo long!!
Anywho, I received a position with the school system under Assessments
and Instruction with the Board of Education here in town.
So far I feel blessed to have received this job and like it very much!
I'm using my education degree but at the same time I dont have
to deal with children all day in a classroom setting but
I have teacher hours and school holidays which totally ROCK!!!
Its taking a little adjusting to work out my time with the work shift,
housework, BLOG time and just any free time period for that matter! ha
I dont get to talk to my peeps on the phone as much as I like either,
but I'll keep in touch somehow!
I may not get to Blog as much but I will try to set up a time on Sundays to
fill in a little about our life when I can, since I do like to
keep this BLOG up to date not only for our loved ones to see...
but as my online scrapbook/journal for my kiddos to have
and read if something was to ever happen to me!
I do like that this will not burn in a house fire like our
precious photo albums could, God forbid!
Well wish me luck on this new season of life I am
now entering!
May you and yours be blessed as well~
Somer Jane

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