Friday, August 14, 2009

B is for Books!!

So big thanks to Grandpa "Mr. Man" and Kim for the
Books-a-Million gift-card they gave us awhile back.
I was saving it for a rainy day and that day came today~
(minus the rain)

Since we're learning about the letter B this week what better

word begins with the letter 'B' than BOOKS!!!

'Lyza Jane had soo much fun looking through the aisles
of childrens was great they had a sale going on!!
She found her favorite princess too~
A little Mermaid puzzle that she choose to buy
with her half of the gift card present.
She couldnt wait to make it when we got home.
Hayden had a hard time choosing which THOMAS the TRAIN
books he wanted since they had some good selections.

Uhhh, no 'Lyza~ Mommy is not buying you the purple pony!!
hee hee

Man, when Hayden saw this Thomas the TRAIN table in the
childrens section it was all over from there!
Luckily, he let his baby sister share some of the table too!
Outside the Books-a-Million trying to decide what we
are going to eat for LUNCH!!!

Hayden got a cool Thomas 'Numbers Express' book that
helps practice addition and subtraction,
he also got a Thomas birthday easy reader book too.
The one on the bottom is a great counting to 20 book
by Miss Spider Patch-both kids seemed to like the flip out pages!
The Sesame Street one is all about the ABC's and
had some cute illustrations!
'Lyza got these books and the little Mermaid puzzle not pictured~
The My little Pony book was part of a buy two get one free sale (awesome)
Of course we had to have the Dora MERMAID book that was also
a part of that sale!! ha
the Strawberry shortcake book came with APPLE smelling stickers in the back
of it and the book will be great to tie in with a trip to the APPLE FARM!!
(Which I hope to make with the kiddos next month in September!)

B is for BURGER KING!!

So we stopped by Burger King on the way home for lunch and
got some $1 burgers!
'Lyza is that burger good?!!

Ive never taken the kids to Books-a-Million before since I was afraid
we might not make it outta there alive.... ha ha
Today we had a minor meltdown leaving while I was paying
for our selections but other than that the first trip
to Books-a-Million was SUCCESSFUL!
Thanks again for the gift card present a few months back
that made this B is for BOOKs trip happen 'Mr Man & Kim!
We sure do love reading books!!!

Somer Jane

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