Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beware of the PEACH MONSTER!!!

So I had a bowl of some ripe, juicy-sweet peaches
sitting on my counter today!
Guess what happened though...
The ferocious and omnivorous "PEACH MONSTER"
came and devoured~ but more like attacked my poor lil'peaches
just sitting there helpless in the bowl!
They never knew what hit them and they never stood a chance to
It looks like all but one were fiercely assaulted in the ambush.
Beware of the PEACH MONSTER it is ON THE LOOSE!!!
Ohh, but your asking me what does the PEACH MONSTER look like
so you will be prepared to run the other way with your precious peaches...
Scroll down and you will see the WANTED SIGN!


I guess Miss 'Lyza Jane was taste testing all the peaches to
see which one she felt was the best to take from the bowl!!!
I caught her with this peach in her hand as the WINNER!
ha ha ha
I couldnt believe she had to munch all the dang peaches
Im almost wondering if she was just marking them all as hers
so no one else would eat them!!
ha ha
Also what killed me even more when I caught her is that
she said, "I ate all the 'APPLES' Mommy"!
She called them 'APPLES'!!
Sooo cute, I laughed and giggled...
and finally said,
"No, you ate all the PEACHES!!!"
ha ha

Just had to share my mommy moment~
I just love my kids!

Somer Jane


Christina said...

Somer, that is just hilarious!

Heather said...

Too funny!