Friday, December 31, 2010

Barbie Makeovers by Miss Elyza Jane

Lyza got a Barbie Make-up Kit for Christmas from her
Uncle Tony and was soo excited to try it out~

It was really a neat little barbie make-up kit.
So she asked me if we could play make-up/dress-up
and of course I had to say yes...
But 1st she had to make-over herself of course! ;-)

So here she is making herself gorgeous and I have to say for
only being 4 yrs old she is pretty good at this! hee

She is a natural beauty already but she really has this beauty
make-up routine down. I think I'm going to have to get some
pointers from her! ;-)

She made me laugh at her technique's of applying make-up.

I just can't believe she is really into this stuff.
I love NOT wearing a drop of make-up myself! ;-)

All done & made up posing with her barbie make-up case~
Beautiful DARLING!

Now, its my make-over time...
I just sat there and the professional make-up artist went to work!
Of course I sat there a while since she had to do my eyes
and lips with many different colors and layers. ;-)

After she was all done though I was ready for my close-up
and felt glamourous! She was soo proud of her work too.
She can't wait to play beauty make-over again soon.
and I can't wait to see her smile like this again
just by being her mannequin.
Love you baby-girl!
Somer Jane

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ICE~ "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town" at Opryland

I just so happened to win 4 FREE tickets to ICE from the local radio
station last week and thought how perfect to take the kids during
the Christmas holiday break!
We also invited Grandma 'Ranny along too since she was on vacation
from work and was excited to see the Santa Claus Comin' to Town theme.

Of Course Hayden was impressed to see-
Burgermeister Meisterburger from TV!

This was pretty cool with strobe lighting effects inside an ICE block

Here is baby Santa Claus in ICE

My two babies posing infront of the cold ICE sculptures~
Santa & Jessica aka Mrs. Claus

Burgermeister's Castle with a cool ice fountain sculpture!

'Lyza posing by the fountain with some kids with toys!

Posing with Santa coming down the chimney


Santa's Toy Workshop
aka ICE Slide Room

'Ranny accepting a toy teddy bear from Santa's helper
(she must have been a good girl)

I love how they made the Rainbow out of ICE!

Some of Santa's letters hanging from the ceiling in
his mail reading room. It was pretty all the letters...
I couldn't find mine though! ;-)
The children's parade through town

There goes Santa Claus...bye Santa!

Some really neat ICE houses in the town.
People are really so talented who carve out these sculptures.

When we left the frozen NORTH POLE area, poor 'Lyza Jane
said, 'My toes are frozen Mommy!'

All smiles after Grandma 'Ranny bought them
some cotton candy in the lobby...YUM!
I went for the German Roasted Pecan Nuts~Mmmm.
Below is the video of the kids & 'Ranny sliding at ICE.
Thank-you to the radio station for the FREE tickets that
we were able to enjoy together today!
It was a frozen tundra but very pretty to admire~
Till next year!
Somer Jane

Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa brought us a trampoline for Christmas~

The kids have wanted a trampoline for over a year now
but I guess Santa thought it was time! ;-)
They couldn't wait to break it in!!

They were all smiles jumping on their new energy burner!
I love seeing the joy and happiness on my babies faces!

Merry Christmas loves!!
Somer Jane

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hayden's 7th Birthday Tom & Jerry Style~

My sweet baby boy is 7 years old!
He has grown so much this past year,
physically and mentally!
This kid is eating like a teenager already too! ha ha
To celebrate his big day we had a birthday party at the bowling
alley with a Tom & Jerry theme. (his fav. cartoon)

Hayden with his friend Bennett from his class enjoying some pizza

Elyza getting ready to bowl a strike...

Posing for a quick pic with My-Hope~

Olivia was in town visiting and was able to celebrate with
us for Haydens big day!
(she was one of Hayden's first friends when they were toddlers)

Hayden bowling down the lane...

Hayden with his good friend Isaiah enjoying the party~

Aunt LeeAnne loves her great nephew Hayden~

Opening presents time~

Cool more Legos to add to the collection!

Happy Birthday to my BIG boy!
I pray that you are blessed with another great year love!

Happy 7th Birthday!

Somer Jane