Friday, October 29, 2010

Hayden's 1st Ever T-ball Video highlights~ Go HOT RODS!

Hayden started playing T-ball Fall baseball for the first time this year and I wanted to show some of his game footage. This is his first time playing T-ball since he is only 6yrs. old but for just starting out in September I think he has some real baseball talent!

He loves playing first base!

We plan to continue his baseball career as long as he loves it. Who knows maybe I have a future 'Babe Ruth' on my hands. I can't wait for Spring 2011 baseball to begin and he will start PeeWee League~he is growing up soo fast!

I love you my Lil' SLUGGER and I'm soo very proud of you!

Mommy~ Somer Jane

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hayden's 1st Baseball Fall 2010 Season~

This is 1st official baseball card and who knows maybe
one day in the future this card will be worth $MILLIONS$!
;-) (I hope)

Here are some baseball cupcakes we made for the team on our snack night! He helped me make them and decorate them...Mmm!

Banquet Night getting his 1st Baseball trophy EVER!
Soo proud of his 1st T-Ball season!!
If you ask me he was the MVP and I'm not bragging,
just a very proud mommy! :-)

G-Ma My-Hope proud of her grandson too!

Yay, for Trophy's~
He was soo excited to receive it!


Hayden was really lovin' the sport of baseball and I'm really
excited that he likes a sport I know something about!
Hopefully he will want to continue playing in the future...
Spring 2011 will be here before we know it!

I'm soo proud of you Hayden and all your hardwork!

Love Mom~
Somer Jane

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stop Child Trafficking Now 2010 5K Walk~

I participated in the 'Stop Child Trafficking Now 2010 Walk'
today and I was the 3rd top fundraiser for our city out of 200+ people!
I was soo happy to have had the support for this cause
that I believe in soo much! It was an honor to help make a difference
in children's lives that are living in slavery as we speak!
One of the teams below that walked the 5K holding their signs~
(the black sign was funny... it said:
"Who needs team Edward or team Jacob...
we have team MARLOW!"
(which was the name of their team 'Marlow', I thought it was a creative sign! )
The start of the walk/run of the 5K~
(look for me I'm holding the front sign on the far right end)

See there I am~ walking for the children to end child slavery!
We all must fight this war, its happening in our own backyards~

I want to say THANK-YOU to my supporters that donated to my cause
and fight to help end child trafficking here in the US and world-wide!
Together with your support we have changed the world to be a
little bit better of a place...
It takes one step at a time is all!
I'm using this community awareness event as a stepping stone to
get back into helping the world and others more.
I hope this is the first to a long list of things I plan to make a
difference in our future!
Wish me luck in my helping mankind journey~
I hope I can inspire others to challenge themselves as well to
find an organization or cause to join and make a difference too!
You will feel like a better person for doing so I promise~
Thanks last to God for pushing me to do even a little something to
start making ripple effects on the world!
Be blessed all~
Somer Jane