Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~Hayden visits the DENTIST~

'Lyza in the childrens waiting room watching Cartoons
and playing with Toys while big Bro Hayden
gets his teeth cleaned~
Hayden being sooo good for the Dentist Dr. Beauchamp
He has headphones on because while they clean his teeth
he gets to watch TV above him on a TV screen...super cool!
Watching TV while they are putting flouride on his teeth...almost done!
Checking out his loot that the dentist gave him
The dentist is FUN~
And we get balloons!

Today we took Hayden in for his cleaning and check-up.

This wasnt the first time he has been to the Dentist but the third.

But it was the first time that the Dentist said we had cavities!!

Ohhhh Noooo!

Soo, right before Halloween we get the news that we have two small

cavities in the back molars...

Hmmm maybe we should cancel trick-or-treating!!

ha ha yeah right!


Somer Jane

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

~Goblins in the Garden at Cheekwood~

Today we went to Nashville's Cheekwood Botanical Gardens
for the Goblins in the Garden Halloween event.
The kids are doing a decorating craft

Drinking HOT CHOCOLATE infront of the Van Gogh scarecrow
Trick or Treating in the Gardens

Next to the Halloweener Dog scarecrow

Trick or treating from a Fairy in the Garden

MORE trick or treating

Infront of the 'AXL' scarecrow...funny!

Infront of the black crow scarecrow

This was called the scarecrows day off...
All the kiddos: Lyza Jane as the Poodle, Hayden as the Dalmation
Meara as the Bunny and Addie as the Ladybug~
The kids sitting in the grass eating the candy they received
Me with my wild 'DOGS'!!!

It was a cold day but that didnt stop the excitement of my kiddos!
We enjoyed seeing some of the scarecrows that
Cheekwood had around the gardens~
We also did a craft, had some hot chocolate and
trick or treated in the gardens.
We went with my friend Heather, her daughter Meara,
and friend Nikole & her daughter Addie.
I think the kids enjoyed the day!
Halloween Countdown is on!!
3 more days!
Somer Jane

Sunday, October 26, 2008

~Pumpkin Fest~

Franklin TN

Hayden with Snow White

Lyza Jane getting her first-ever TATTOO!

'Lyza Jane did not want to leave ELMO!!

She loves that furry red guy!

Hayden loved all the jumpy things~

Going again & again!!!
Smile for the camera sweetie~

'Brotherly/Sisterly Love' moment
sharing some kettle corn popcorn
at the Pumpkinfest!

Trying to get a pic of them infront of the pretty mums
and pumpkins but the sun made them squint...

yes another squint pic~
A cool Skeleton-Giant walking the streets of downtown Franklin~
'Lyza Jane wanted nothing to do with him! ha ha
Hayden shook his hand though~
My daredevil child fixing to do the BUNGEE-JUMP thing
It was fun...until the guy made him go too high
then he was through and looked like he was gonna throw up! ha
The clown made Hayden a Viking hat~

He made Lyza a hat with a flower on it

Hmmm....what is this really?

Hayden giving the
Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle a five!
Its Sccoooobbbbbyyyy DOOBY-DO!!
Hayden taking a break eating MORE candy
while baby sister plays in the
toddler land area

'Lyza Jane taking a break from the toddler area as wellA pic break with MOMMY at the Pumpkin Fest!

On the way home from Franklin, TN, off Hwy 41-A
we passed a sign that said pumpkins $1.00!
Too cheap to pass up so we turned around and got a few.
The small ones like 'Lyza Janes were only $.50!
I should have bought more! ;-)

Hayden picked out his own pumpkin...
of course he picked the one
with character but for only a $1.00 ~
he could have whatever weird looking pumpkin he wanted!

I totally recommend going to
the PumpkinFest in downtown Franklin, TN.
It was our first time but it was well worth the
drive to have a day of practically FREE fun!
They had tons for kiddos to do with MASSIVE quantities of FREE candy!
(Yeahh for parents!)

But I think everyone had a great time...
thanks to My-Hope (grandma) who invited us
to go and even drove us 'CRAZIES' there!

hee hee

Somer Jane