Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~Hayden visits the DENTIST~

'Lyza in the childrens waiting room watching Cartoons
and playing with Toys while big Bro Hayden
gets his teeth cleaned~
Hayden being sooo good for the Dentist Dr. Beauchamp
He has headphones on because while they clean his teeth
he gets to watch TV above him on a TV screen...super cool!
Watching TV while they are putting flouride on his teeth...almost done!
Checking out his loot that the dentist gave him
The dentist is FUN~
And we get balloons!

Today we took Hayden in for his cleaning and check-up.

This wasnt the first time he has been to the Dentist but the third.

But it was the first time that the Dentist said we had cavities!!

Ohhhh Noooo!

Soo, right before Halloween we get the news that we have two small

cavities in the back molars...

Hmmm maybe we should cancel trick-or-treating!!

ha ha yeah right!


Somer Jane

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