Sunday, October 26, 2008

~Pumpkin Fest~

Franklin TN

Hayden with Snow White

Lyza Jane getting her first-ever TATTOO!

'Lyza Jane did not want to leave ELMO!!

She loves that furry red guy!

Hayden loved all the jumpy things~

Going again & again!!!
Smile for the camera sweetie~

'Brotherly/Sisterly Love' moment
sharing some kettle corn popcorn
at the Pumpkinfest!

Trying to get a pic of them infront of the pretty mums
and pumpkins but the sun made them squint...

yes another squint pic~
A cool Skeleton-Giant walking the streets of downtown Franklin~
'Lyza Jane wanted nothing to do with him! ha ha
Hayden shook his hand though~
My daredevil child fixing to do the BUNGEE-JUMP thing
It was fun...until the guy made him go too high
then he was through and looked like he was gonna throw up! ha
The clown made Hayden a Viking hat~

He made Lyza a hat with a flower on it

Hmmm....what is this really?

Hayden giving the
Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle a five!
Its Sccoooobbbbbyyyy DOOBY-DO!!
Hayden taking a break eating MORE candy
while baby sister plays in the
toddler land area

'Lyza Jane taking a break from the toddler area as wellA pic break with MOMMY at the Pumpkin Fest!

On the way home from Franklin, TN, off Hwy 41-A
we passed a sign that said pumpkins $1.00!
Too cheap to pass up so we turned around and got a few.
The small ones like 'Lyza Janes were only $.50!
I should have bought more! ;-)

Hayden picked out his own pumpkin...
of course he picked the one
with character but for only a $1.00 ~
he could have whatever weird looking pumpkin he wanted!

I totally recommend going to
the PumpkinFest in downtown Franklin, TN.
It was our first time but it was well worth the
drive to have a day of practically FREE fun!
They had tons for kiddos to do with MASSIVE quantities of FREE candy!
(Yeahh for parents!)

But I think everyone had a great time...
thanks to My-Hope (grandma) who invited us
to go and even drove us 'CRAZIES' there!

hee hee

Somer Jane

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