Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Working on Colors and Matching Patterns ~

My friend Heather passed these learning manipulatives on to me
and the kids had a fun time matching them today.
You have to match the pattern papers together, which
this task is more Elyza Janes speed, but Hayden
of course wanted to play too. ;-)
Lyza really liked to match the colors to the correct plate
Hayden wanted to play too even though he already
has mastered this a long time ago, but practice is always fun!

Thank-You Heather for the learning fun you passed on,
we enjoyed this game very much~
Somer Jane

Monday, March 30, 2009

Princess Elyza Jane Daisy turns 3!!

My sweet beautiful Princess is growing up soo fast!
She is the big 3 now~
When asked what kind of birthday cake she wanted~
Her only request was PINK!!
So I had a very 'PINK' Princess cake made especially for her~

Stephanie, "The Cake Lady" at http://simplycreativecakes.net
made her this one-of-a-kind creation fit for a PRINCESS like herself!
(Its very strawberry-licious cake with cream cheese icing!)
Princess Elyza Jane on her very own cake~

Her Princess crown
Her scepter to complete her Princess cake~
Time to sing Happy Birthday!!

Make a WISH!!!
She was trying to get her balloon down off the ceiling with a step stool...
it was soo cute!
Opening some presents for the PRINCESS!
Hayden and Mr. Man (grandpa)
Elyza Jane and My Hope (grandma)
My best friend Heather and myself
Hayden, Elyza Jane with Aunt Randi and Jeff
Elyza Jane with Great Aunt LeeAnne
Hayden and Meara
Mommy and her beautiful Princess!
I'm 3!!!

Happy Birthday my Princess!!
Hope you have another wonderful year~
I love you!
Somer Jane

Elyza Janes birthday continued at Jump Zone~

After we had some ROYAL cake at the casa~
we drove Aunt Randi and Jeff to Jump Zone off Exit 4
for some jumpy fun!

Hayden in the obstacle course...
I actually remember him being 'Lyzas age and jumping in
the bouncys at a festival~ sad how fast they grow up!
Aunt Randi sliding on the carnival jumpy~

Everyone on the Firetruck slide~

They got a new air hockey table since the last time we came...
Hayden was having fun playing his first game of Air Hockey!

Infront of Superman jumpy~

That slide was soo much fun I had to stick my tongue out!

She liked the Princess Toddler jumpy best~

The Princess jumpy slide~

Infront of the Kracken Pirate Ship jumpy
That was fun...and super fast!
Jumping is fun!

Happy Birthday to me!!!
We had a fun time at Jump Zone even though the place was
MAD packed from being on a Sunday...I highly recommend going during the week!
But I think everyone had fun celebrating for Elyza Janes big day!
Cant wait to go back again...on a weekday! ha

Somer Jane

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Letter R is for~

Soo we studied the letter 'R' this week!

and R is for Rabbit Cookies!


Our first project we did was "R is for RICE"~

We also had some rice for breakfast...
(add some sugar, butter and milk and its a yummy meal!)

This is Hayden practicing his writing of R's

While Lyza Jane had a nap we made
"R is for RED" collage books~

He went through some magazines and cut out
red things he found and then decorated the RED book with them~
The back of his book~

My favortie project this week was the finger painted~

I found this project on another blog someplace and thought it was super cute
the kids sure did enjoy making their rainbows~

And they look beautiful hanging up on our window too

Have a "REALLY RADICAL" week!

Somer Jane


We started Recycling months back but since we were
learning about the letter R this week,
I tied in a little lesson of recycling too.
Hayden now looks for the 'TRIANGLE' on the bottom of everything
he is about to throw away and will announces if it has a
TRIANGLE on the bottom and we have to put it in the recycle boxes~
I'm soo proud of him!
They both (Lyza and Hayden) already race to throw boxes and
plastic milk jugs into our recycle boxes...I hope some of this
rubs off on them when they get to be adults...we will see!
Carrying the recycle boxes to the car so we can take them to the
recycle drop off (aka our "DUMPY'- the county trash facility)

Hayden helps me load all the recycling into the marked dumpsters
while Lyza Jane supervises from her carseat...hee

Hayden is looking at all the plastic containers that people have recycled~
Good job people!
Recycling all of our junk mail, magazines and paper~
Hayden has to make several trips to this dumpster!


We recycle our cereal & food boxes, toy cardboard boxes
you name it!! It really adds up quickly, you never know how
many things that can be recycled until you start!
We dont buy alot of aluminum cans
but the few we do...WE RECYCLE!!

Most of the time I recycle our glass containers for our house~
I turn spagetti jars into mason drinking glasses...
I also turn jam/jelly and salsa jars into glasses~
sometimes we use them for art projects too.
But ocassionally my cabinets are filled already so
I send the glass to the recycle area shown here~
Hayden helps me place the glass jars on the table carefully
to be recycled and reused again~

Soo here are two websites that are helpful if
you want to teach your children about recycling...
Once you get started its EASY and you feel good about helping the planet!


Somer Jane