Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Sisters Came To Visit!!

My little Sisters live up North so they only get a chance to
come and visit once maybe twice a year.
They got to come this week to visit us and I was so happy
to see them both! (Oh and My sisters boyfriend Jeffy too!!)
We all went bowling one night and had a great time!
Of course I am getting old and felt soo tired the next morning,
but hey I sucked it up and would do it again!!
This is our group pic below at the alley~
This pic of my sisters and I below is one of my absolute favorites
we have ever taken together...
They are soo beautiful aren't they?!!

Miss you guys so much already!
Can't wait to see you again soon~
Love Somer Jane

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Lollipops ROCK!!

Lyza just loves those big "Munchkin Lollipop Kids" lollipops,
so I bought her and Hayden one for Valentines day to enjoy.
Can you see the HAPPINESS in her eyes from all this pink sweetness?!
I just love my kids!

Somer Jane

Monday, February 15, 2010

Haydens Ist Valentines Cards~

So the day has finally come!
Hayden filled out his first Valentines for his
Kindergarten class today all by himself!
He gave Tinkerbell ones to the girls and Cars from Disney
for the boys...each Valentine came with its own pencil too!
I was soo excited for Hayden to be such a big boy writing out his own
Valentines to his classmates!
That was until he got to a girls name and asked me a question...
"Mom how do you spell love?"
I said, "What? Love?!!"
He said, "Umm, yeah how do you spell love?"
I tell him you don't!! Just put a heart...
Oh my gosh, he is too young to be writing love to someone~
So below is what I finally caught a peak of on the valentine
he was writing to a girl named Savannah in his class.
It was kinda cute at first when I thought about it even though
I couldnt believe he was writing this to a little girl when he was
only in Kindergarten! Geez they start too young!
What killed the cuteness was I noticed 5 minutes later he was
writing "I love You" to another girl as well!!
I was like WHAT? No, No, NO son we are not turning into a
'Player' at 6 years old!!
Ugh, I can tell I have my hands full in a few years.
Soon the little girls will be calling on the phone at this rate!!
He did enjoy making his own Valentine mailbox for his class party
below...we went with a CARS theme since thats his favorite!
(He got it filled with lots of Valentines goodies
at the class party too!)

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!
Somer Jane

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Tissue Heart Craft~

Lyza Jane and myself made these cute tissue paper hearts
to decorate for Valentines day.
We first cut hearts out of construction paper...
We then took little squares of tissue paper and scrunched them
up then glueing them to the construction paper heart...
We even used a pencil to push them down into the glue so the tissue paper
wouldnt stick to our hands...
You can fill the whole heart up or just the middle like
Lyza Jane did here...
She was very pleased with her finished project~
She said she wanted to give the heart to her friend Meara
Awll how sweet of you to think of her!
(Im not sure if it will make it to her though, but the thought is there!)

Happy Valentines Day!
Somer Jane