Thursday, July 31, 2008

~Climbing trees & Digging in DIRT~

Just like an All-American BOY!!

I swear I have the cutest blonde haired boy in the world!

(This may spell trouble in the future though!)

Just dont dig tooo many holes in the yard...OK Hayden!!

He is digging in the DIRT and putting it in his DUMPTRUCK! FUN TIMES!!!

Our newest addition to the family our adopted stray friend

who was MUCH more skinnier when he found us,

but has since gained a little weight~

this is 'OUTLAW' kitty!

A boy and his beast!!

So my 110% ALL-Boy was trying to climb trees today!
I remember when I climbed trees once upon a time~
(I was a tomboy for sure)
My baby-boy is not my "Baby" lil' boy no more!
I cant believe sometimes that he is only 4!
He is very mature for his age and since he looks older too
I forget he really is only 4!!
He has grown up way to fast for me... and he still has alot
more growing to do~ I KNOW!!
sniff sniff

I love these pictures I captured yesterday though,
they remind me ALL BOY days of summertime:
Climbing TREES
Digging in DIRT
playing with some stray ANIMAL!
(**Although we have since adopted our new stray kitty friend)
I swear the kitties are talking on the street over here in
Poplar Hill telling the other kitties that the place to hang is OUR HOUSE!
We now have 2 adopted strays in this past year whom have come to
really adopt us as their family. geez
I hope you enjoy the pics of my BLONDE -HAIRED PRINCE
and his 'CAT-DAYS' of SUMMER!!! hee

I love my 'Mini-Me' soo much~

Somer Jane

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

~Making our Handprints 2008~

Haydens Handprint at 4 yrs old
Elyza Janes handprint at 2 yrs old

Sooo we did our HANDPRINTS today!
The kids had alot of fun making a cement handprint mosiac stone.
'Lyza didnt like to have her hands dirty for too long so we had
to immediately wash her hands after she made her prints
in the cement!! ha ha
But she really liked to decorate the cement with the jewel stones
and push them down into the cement.
Hayden had fun making the cement mix before we started.
He was a big help stirring the bucket of cement to get it
ready to pour into the casts.
We had a fun craft time and made a handprint to last forever!!

Somer Jane

Monday, July 28, 2008



'Lyza Jane & Momma taking a picture break

Fixin' to slide down the biggest slide there
that gives you SLIDE BURNS its soo fast! ha

This is one side of the place with all the jumpy fun inside

Hayden next to the SUPERMAN Jump Slide

Climbing the Circus Tent Jumpy

Heres the FIRETRUCK~ with Hayden's head poking through at top!

Clarksville just opened a new FUN jumpy place for kids and adults too!
We met up with my bestest friend Heather and her daughter Meara
Fun times and some minor slide burns were had by all!
We plan to go back soon!!

Somer Jane


I think the first pic is my absolute favorite of Hayden kissing the butterfly!

I just love that we get all kinds of various butterflies attracted

to our butterfly garden. Next year I plan to make it bigger and better somehow!

hee hee ;-)

I think its just soo magical watching the butterflies flutter around my yard

and then land on the brightly colored zinnias to snack.

I could take pics all day of them!

Somer Jane

~My 2008 Butterfly Garden~

Sooo this year I planted more seeds than I did last year~
and I have a bigger butterfly garden than 2007!
I love to look at all my happy lil' flowers that
attract all the beautiful lil' butterflies!
I'm still collecting pictures of all the different butterflies
so check back soon for more!
Somer Jane

Saturday, July 5, 2008





Miss 4th of JULY!

HUGS for SALE! 25 cents

I had to capture one with Miss 4th of JULY!!

Blog time:

Sooo...I didnt get any pics of fireworks this year but I got
some REALLY cute ones of my DIVA PRINCESS~ Miss 'Lyza Jane!!
She is the cutest thing to take photos of which makes it lots of fun!
Both of the kids had a good 4th of July I'd say~
The ice cream truck came by during the day and I should've got a pic
of the before and after of the popsicles dripping down their arms
from the 'HOT' 4th of July Sun! Cute pics that I missed~ Maybe next time!

The kids were dazzled by the fireworks that Daddy shot off and
the neighborhood display of other shows going on at the same time!
We had some 'high-rollers' in our neighborhood I tell you!!
The fireworks were Amazing!
I think the kids liked staying up way past their bedtime too!

Hayden and Daddy went to the lake on Mr. Man's boat today
while me and Miss 4th of July stayed home and then went shopping!!
I wished I could have had some pics of Hayden on the boat enjoying his
day at the Lake but I did get some really cute ones of 'Lyza Jane modeling~

I just luv my baby-girl in RED, WHITE & BLUE!!

Hope you had a great 4th of July~

Somer Jane

Friday, July 4, 2008


I just had to share these cute pics of 'Lyza with our Butterfly Garden!Hayden & 'Lyza just love to watch and try to catch the butterflies that come to visit our Garden!

Oooohh a Big Butterfly!

Looking for the Butterflies!

Sniffing the Zinnas!