Wednesday, July 30, 2008

~Making our Handprints 2008~

Haydens Handprint at 4 yrs old
Elyza Janes handprint at 2 yrs old

Sooo we did our HANDPRINTS today!
The kids had alot of fun making a cement handprint mosiac stone.
'Lyza didnt like to have her hands dirty for too long so we had
to immediately wash her hands after she made her prints
in the cement!! ha ha
But she really liked to decorate the cement with the jewel stones
and push them down into the cement.
Hayden had fun making the cement mix before we started.
He was a big help stirring the bucket of cement to get it
ready to pour into the casts.
We had a fun craft time and made a handprint to last forever!!

Somer Jane

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Christina said...

Such a great idea Somer!