Saturday, August 30, 2008


We learned about the letter 'I' this past week
Here is one of the books we read about the letter 'I'
Showing me what he is reading...oooohh... Inchworms!
'Lyza Jane's turn to read the book
She is very interested in this page...

We made letter 'I' pancakes today for breakfast!
Here is Hayd's plate with his edible 'I's'

He likes pouring lots of syrup on his pancakes!
(I can't blame him)

'Lyza Jane 'Cheeezzzzzin' for the pic with her pancakes
Hayden gives the edible 'I' pancakes two thumbs up!
(after he finished them completely of course)

I wish I could take credit for this one below but it was

all Hayden's Genius Idea!
We had talked about Igloo's eariler in the day...
next thing I know while I'm cooking dinner is he
is yelling at me, 'Mom look at my IGLOO!'
I couldn't believe he had thought of making an igloo all by himself
out of the couch cushions nevertheless!!
I was impressed to say the least...
and had to run to get my camera!

Peeking out of his Hayden's IGLOO
He said he was a penguin in his IGLOO home!
ha ha :-)

We painted letter 'I's' one day and he made this pic for his friend Meara

Hayden making his 'Ice-Cream' cones art project
using construction paper and glue
'Lyza Jane making her 'Ice-Cream' cones project
Proud Artists showing their work
Hayden did really good with no help at all
I'm soo proud!

'Lyza Jane did really well too all by herself, but I think her Ice-Cream picture is of SPILLED Ice Cream. This is her saying..."CHHEEEEEZZEEEEE" for the camera!

Hayden coloring his Igloo pic and the letter 'I' for his friend Olivia
'Lyza Jane is not coloring the letter 'I' today
Shes coloring a picture of Curious George mailing a letter ~
We are gonna send it to Olivia in the mail.

Really into his COLORING...
Finished with our letter 'I' for Igloo coloring sheet.

Now we just have to mail it to his friend Olivia in Colorado!

So for the past week we have been learning about the letter ' I '.
Everyday I have tried to do some sort of project or artwork that incorporates the letter 'I' somehow. Hayden wants to turn the capital letter 'I' sideways and call them 'H's" instead!! ha ha
So I'm sure he has been a little confused when I turn it right side up
and say no it is the letter 'I'.
I never realized though just how confusing the letters can be since I don't really remember learning them myself when I was little.
I mean the letter 'M' is the the letter 'W' if you turn it upside down!
I can see where my poor son would start to scratch his head.
Anywho, we have had some fun trying to learn about
things that start with the letter 'I' like~ ICE CREAM!!
(But I didnt get any pics of them eating their
Ice Cream cones this week! I forget to take pics sometimes)
We may try to stick to a different letter a week or stretch it longer
than a week if Hayden is having any confusion with a letter.
He starts Kindergarten next year and I want him to know all
his letters of the alphabet with confidence!
Hope you enjoyed our Letter 'I' week pics~
Somer Jane

PS. I'd like to give a shout-out to my friend Heather who
has inspired me in a positive way to be more creative in
Hayden's preschool learning at home.
She is trying to home-school her daughter Meara
and it has inspired me to do even more creative learning than what I have been doing in the past using puzzles, flashcards and workbooks.
I like using the mix of everything and I know the kids are enjoying it too!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

~PePa and Grandma Pat visit~

Great-Grandpa 'PePa' and Pat 'PePa' and Hayden
Cheesin' with Great-Aunt LeeAnne
The Gangs All Here~
(minus Aunt LeeAnne who is taking the pic of course)
Me and my 'PePa' and Pat

We had a nice visit today from Great-Grandpa 'PePa' and
Great-Grandma Pat from Dickson, TN.
They came over and had a nice visit with all of us.
Aunt LeeAnne drove them over today and she even played
outside for a little bit with the kids! (brave Aunt LeeAnne)
The kids had soo much fun having company
from our family visiting from out of town.
I think when 'PePa', Pat and LeeAnne left to go out to lunch though
they were ready for a nap instead from being exhausted by the kids!!
ha ha
Hayd' and 'Lyza Jane wore everyone out for sure,
in a good way of course! They really enjoyed their special visit
with 'PePa, Pat and Aunt LeeAnne!
Somer Jane

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

~Nature and a Boy~

"I'm hunting me some 'wrabbits' "! ha ha
Nah just BUGS!!
Chillaxin' for a bit watching the 'hum'birds with me
I just thought this was a cool shot of him looking for bugs!
A dragonfly landed infront of me on the slide..he was a pretty fellow!

These Cicadas are big BUGS!
He is just staring me down with his big eyes!
Maybe he thought we were related since I have big eyes too!! ha

A Hawk was flying by over us and circling..hope he didnt think we looked tasty! He looked so pretty though gliding around in the air

soaring above us~

Today Hayden and I spent some time together outside in the backyard while 'Lyza Jane took her daily nap.
It was some nice Mother/Son bonding time!
Hayden played in the pool while I took some pics of the 'Hum' birds.
(See previous post on 'Hum'birds for those pics)
But after awhile it seemed nature was coming out of the woodworks
wanting to have their picture taking too!! hee hee
I was just sitting there at one point taking pics of the 'Hum' Birds
and this giant cicada just flew in and landed right next to me
on the deck...I thought he was gonna land on me for a second.
So I snapped his pic while he was there posing for me.
I called Hayden over to check out our new friend and of course he
wanted to touch it and I said heck no he might bite or something...
(I dont know if cicadas do or not, but I wasnt taking chances)
But Hayden still being the 110% boy he is still went in to touch him
but Mr. Cicada wasnt giving autographs today so he flew off!
At least I took the pics first!! hee

Then Hayden caught two grasshoppers (or crickets) I couldn't tell.
He wanted to keep the one that didnt get away in his little net
as you can see from the pics below...
he even tried to make a home for poor Mr. Grasshopper or "Hopper"
as he calls them from the movie, A BUGS LIFE!
Which brings me to another story off this story ;-) ...
He caught a "Hopper" the other day and he tried to kill it and I said WAIT!!! "No, don't kill the grasshopper!!"
He said, "Momma he is "Hopper" and they are bad"!
"In the movie they are mean to the ants and are BAD" he said!
I wanted to laugh I really did but I said no "Hoppers" are not all bad
that was just a movie baby...
But now I wonder if I should be thinking more about these so called
movies and what it is telling my boy! ha ha ha "Death to HOPPERS!!"
Geez, anywho back on the subject of his new "Hopper " friend
Hayden wanted to keep under his net, I had to convince Hayden we couldnt keep him under that net and that "Hopper" needed to live in the grass to eat and be free.
It took lots of convincing and he didnt really want to let him go
but eventually he did and all was well with the world.
Our backyard is sooo much fun!

Here is the grasshopper/cricket he caught... one of them jumped ship
The 'Hopper' is underneath the net where he wants to keep him always!
making his new friend a comfy home with a shell house
I told him they needed grass and he needed to let him go free
so he got his friend grass and put it under the net for him
ha ha
I told him that wasnt going to work!

My boy is getting soo big I tell you!!

sniff sniff

Me and my Bug-Catcher!

Thats it for this Blog post...

Somer Jane

Monday, August 18, 2008

~An Evening of Sidewalk Chalk & Popsicles~

Banana popsicles are soo yummy!!!

'Lyza and her shopping cart...she loves pushing this thing!
Daddy drew Hayden a racecar #83 of course!
Notice at the bottom right hand corner of this pic that under the tire is blue
chalk coming from the tire...Hayden drew this and said it was the
tires smoke from going fast!!! Isnt that cute!!
Daddy drew 'Lyza Jane some flowers...awllll
And he dedicated this lil' graffiti to me...

It was a nice (not HOT) evening so we all decided to play out front in the driveway tonight. Hayden had the idea of the sidewalk chalk and I chimed in with the popsicles!! Daddy was home working on a friends lawnmower but he took a break to become~
"Mr. Daddy/Sidewalk Chalk Artist"
and drew everyone (including me) a picture on the driveway with the chalk...the kids loved the pics he drew for them and I have to admit my pic was a very sweet gesture as well!!

Somer Jane

~Lets build a TENT momma!

Hayden is peek-a-booing out of the tent
This is the tent looking from above
Knock- knock can I come in and play too Miss 'Lyza Jane?
They let me peek inside their tent at them
I asked them to stick their heads out so I could take a pic~

Hayden wanted to build a tent today!!
So he started and I helped him finish this cool tent for
'Lyza and him to play in...
it kept them occupied for a good time with no MAJOR fighting
involved as well~ which was great!!!!
I'm not a professional tent designer so please no house calls or requests!
ha ha JK!
But the kids liked the cheap and FREE fun we made together!
Thats all that counts.
Somer Jane