Thursday, September 30, 2010

Disney on Ice 2010 Toy Story 3~

Look...I met Woody and Jessie at Disney on Ice tonight!
hee ;-)
My children and I took Grandma My-Hope to the
Toy Story 3 Disney on Ice show this evening and
boy did the kids have a blast!
They of course had to play the part and dress up for
the grand occassion too!
(Don't my Woody & Jessie look so stinking cute!)
At the beginning of the show the cool army men
parachuted from the top of the arena which was a cool entrance!
You must have COTTON CANDY at Disney on Ice,
it's just tradition!!
Woody and Jessie make their debut on the ice~
The whole Toy Story gang was there and it was super cool how
they made the characters for the Disney on Ice!

OOhhh NOOooo its the EVIL ZORG!!!
(He was shooting fireballs out onto the Ice, which
Hayden thought was awesome but Lyza did not want him
to come back out again! ha ha)
YAY!! It's Buzz LightYear to the rescue!!
(Arriving in style from the air)

I love these guys below!!
(It's the CLAW!!!)
You have been chosen!! ooooohh
A Rodeo Round-Up dance below~
YeeHaw cowboy!

I'm a Barbie a Barbie World!!
Gotta love Barbie~
Love at first sight...Barbie and Ken~
Woody escapes the Sunnyside Daycare~

Ohh No its Lotso Bear...the bad bear as Hayden would call him! ;-)
He locked up the Gang...he is a bad ol'bear!

End of the SHOW finale~
'Lyza said can we stay here Mommy, I like this place!
(It was her first show I've ever taken her too & she was loving it)
I think the Potato Heads are soo cute! hee
Well after Mickey D's, cotton candy, popcorn, funnel cake bites,
and some big salted pretzels too boot...
I think this show is over my friend!! ;-)
But we had a great time~
Can't wait till they come back is what 'Lyza said!
I wonder what the show will be next year myself~
But thank-you Disney on Ice for a great Toy Story 3 performance!
We enjoyed our night out on the town and
had fun watching the talented ice skaters perform!
Till next year~
Thanks a bunch!
Somer Jane

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Best Chili-Bake Recipe~ Yum!

It's Autumn time again!
So to celebrate the chilly breeze in the air,
I wanted to share my favorite chili-bake recipe.
Its perfect for a fall October night.

Here is my recipe for you to enjoy:
1-2 lbs browned hamburger meat
1 mild chili seasoning packet
2 cans diced tomatoes w/sweet onion
diced green peppers
diced onion
1 can undrained dark kidney beans
1 box of Jiffy cornbread
First, pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. After browning meat in large skillet
& draining it. Add chili packet, kidney beans, diced tomatoes,
diced onions & green peppers and mix well in skillet.
In another bowl, follow directions on Jiffy cornbread box
to make the cornbread.
Pour the chili from the skillet into a 13x9 baking dish.
Evenly spread the cornbread mix on top of the chili and bake in the
oven for 20 minutes until cornbread is golden brown.
Top with shredded cheese or sour cream.
Somer Jane

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our New Baby~ 'McAdoo~

Wonderful True Story that happened today~
This morning I was driving Hayden to Saturday
gymnastics down a back country road that runs alongside
a creek called McAdoo (Mac-A-Doo).
I'm coming around a curve and I see a box turtle right at the
edge of the road fixing to cross and become road-kill.
My Mommy-instinct kicked in and I couldn't allow this poor
lil' turtle to get run over so I pulled the car over and walked
back with my son Hayden to get the turtle out of the road...
luckily not a minute later a car passes us by so I felt like
I saved the poor turtle!
Hayden said, "Mom we should drive up the way and let him out
at the creekbed". I said, 'Hayden you are soo smart lets get him across
the road to the creek where he was trying to go".
We drive just a few yards up the road to where they have
a clearing and you can walk easily to the creekbed.
I pull the car over and turn the engine off and Hayden starts
yelling at me...
"Mom a kitty...Mom theres a kitty!!"
I'm like what?
"No, Hayden we have a turtle in our hands not a kitty, Your not
making sense buddy?"
He says, "No look there, a kitty by our car"
I open the door and hear the frantic Meows of a kitty
but still dont see a kitty only Hayden holding this turtle.
So I watch Hayden walk up to a super small kitty
just curled up in the rocks next to the road.
I have to be honest he was so close to the road I thought he
had been hit by a car and was just laying there.
But he jumped up and starting loving all over
Haydens legs and shoes like it was love at first sight or something.
So Hayden had the turtle in his hands and then the kitty
at his feet and I'm thinking what the heck is going on?
I was first contemplating just keeping the turtle and taking him home
but then I quickly nixed that crazy notion and said nahh.
Now, as we were dropping the turtle off to the creek bed,
we stumble right on a precious baby kitten.
WOW, all in a 10 minute time frame.
So, I'm like, "Hayden lets go walk the turtle to the creek
sweetie and let him go"
Of course as we are walking, the kitten starts running along with us
practically tripping Hayden in the process by running between
his legs while he is holding the turtle.
Soo we let the turtle go in the creek and this kitten is just hanging
out by Haydens feet, meowing away.
I keep looking around waiting for a big momma cat to
come out of the bushes or more kittens to appear.
Nothing was around except Hayden, myself, the creek and of course
the turtle...
So, Hayden is like "Mommy what are we going to do with this kitty?"
I keep looking and listening.
Umm, I can't just leave this poor baby kitten to get run over by
a car or eaten by some bigger animal out here.
"Hayden I guess we will take it home...."
So, here is our newest member of the family that we saved.
Hayden and I named him, 'McAdoo'
after the creek we found him next too all by his lonesome.
'Lyza and I took him to the Vet for a check-up and to see maybe
how old he was. Well he was given a great bill of health and
the Vet says he was only about 4 or 5 weeks old.
Just a baby! Poor thing
I want to say today that God put that turtle in our path
for a reason. He knew I would stop to help it cross the road to the creek.
God knew that we would take the turtle to the creekbed path off the road.
He knew that is where we would find the poor helpless abandoned
kitty that I can't believe was soo close to the road.
I wasn't looking for another pet today.
Wasn't thinking about having anymore family members either! ;-)
But, God intervined and I felt the turtle led us
to save this baby kitten and I couldn't turn away.
So Hayden (above) with his friend Garrett who was visiting us
from out of town this weekend had a blast making the
kitten feel welcomed and loved at his new home.
I will keep you posted in the future about
our new little baby boy~ 'McAdoo

Till then watch out for those turtles in the road!
Somer Jane

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grand Opening of Berry Bear Frozen Yogurt~

Yummy in our Tummy!
We have a new favorite frozen yogurt place to visit!
If you like frozen yogurt then you need to check out Berry Bear~
scroll below to check the place out

Ok don't laugh but I had to take a pic of the cool faucet
in the bathroom at Berry Bear when we went to wash our hands.
I've never seen this and thought this was quite original...
my daughter thought it was cool too!

At Berry Bear you self-serve from various flavors on the wall.
Everything is paid in weight, so you can have as much or little as you want.
You can have taste tests of the flavors to help you decide which
to get and they had some yummy ones too!

Then after you get your frozen yogurt flavor picked out
you can top it with various fruits, candys, cereal, sauces, etc.!
Too many options but I loved the fruit variety they had!

Hayden chose a blueberry yogurt flavor which tasted
like cheesecake was in it...Mmmm!
'Lyza Jane loved the fruit bar and put lots of different
fruits on her PINK strawberry frozen yogurt she picked.
They had a TV that was playing cartoons, so they kids were

in heaven stating we had to come back almost immediately

before they even began eating their frozen yogurt.

Besides all the healthy fruit toppings,

'Lyza Jane also snuck a few gummi bears on top! ;-)
Hayden LOVED his bowl of yumminess!

When you go for the first time you get a business card that
has a stamp incentive on the back....way cool!
Fill it with 9 stamps and your 10th cup is FREE!

Berry Bear just opened next to Walmart in the shopping Plaza.
I can't wait to take the kids back to try more flavors.
You can mix flavors if you want too.
They had a Pineapple and a cheesecake flavor I want to
try one day that sounded scrumptious!
They get new flavors in regularly too so it may be a surprise
everytime you go.
The place was worth a trip for some fro-yo though!
It makes TCBY closing so much better to get over too~

Enjoy your FRO-YO when you go!
Somer Jane

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mag's Coffee has Hawaiian Shaved Ice~

One of my favorite sweet things in this world is
Its hard to find in these parts though and I found some at
a fairly new coffee shop that opened up here in town~ YAY!
We tried Pina Colada and Fuzzy Navel today and the
Pina Colada won out as our favorite of the two.
But the kids said, YUM can we come back again and get these!
hee hee
I guess they will love them now too~

Sooo...I was looking over the menu at this Mag's Coffee Shop
and noticed they also serve beignets on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays!
(Another favorite treat of mine ever since I've visited "N'awlins")
So guess who will be making a special order soon of beignets...mmmm!
Also, they have a neat coffee drink named, Spunky Monkey
that sounds delish and up for my taste testing pleasure.
I'll let ya know~
But for the time being Go THERE at least for one of
their Hawaiian Shaved Ices while the weather is HOT!
Its a refreshing cool treat and soo much better than a
SNOW CONE!! ha ha
I'll be back fo'shizzle to Mag's~
Somer Jane

Riverfest 2010 Rocks~

Two things I love about my town...Rivers & Spires Festival
and the Riverfest which is this weekend!!
I took the kiddos today and we had a blast~
Im soo glad the weather held out and the rain went away so we could go!
First thing 'Lyza wanted to do was ride the PONY!
She has been begging to ride a horse for some time now
and today was her first actual pony ride...
she was soo happy!
(I love riding horses too...I need to take the kids horsebackriding!)
There was a petting zoo...
I wanted to take this piggy home with me,
but I dont think our cats would've liked it~ ;-)

This rabbit was bigger than my 14lb cat at home! geez!
Some of the Kids Adventure zone area of Riverfest!

I love JUMPYS!!

Hayden was into this Bungee Bounce thing~
I was super shocked when 'Lyza said she wanted to do it!!
'Lyza did it like 3 times!!
(Look at Hayden back there trying to back flip! )

Miss 'Lyza Jane was very adventuresome today and
tried alot of things she never has wanted to do before...
There is hope for her being a daredevil like her momma still yet! ;-)
Riverfest had lots of boths and neat carnival type game for
the kids to play for candy or prizes...pretty cool!
Gotta ride the train~

I dont think he quite made 8 seconds...
but we are just getting started!
Hayden impressed me with his basketball skills...
he made a few baskets & won a prize!
'Lyza poor thing had great form...
just not enough power behind her little body to reach the net! ;-)
Too sweet though- she didnt give up and she kept shooting~
(Maybe she'll be like her 'Ranny and be a B-Baller)
Hayden's first ever rock climbing wall attempt...
you need some serious upbody strength for this!
They asked for volunteers to go on stage
and my friend Lanna and of course 'Lyza Jane were ready and willing!!
'Lyza didnt want to get off the stage and then
kept asking if she could get back on after she finally got off!
Geez already a stage hog! hee hee ;-)
(she was cute though)
The professional bellydancers~
Yes thats a sword she is dancing with on her head!
Ya know I think I might have to go back to the bellydancing
class I went to one time before and drag my friend Lanna with me!
It looked like a lot of fun!
(It would get rid of my cupcake belly too! hee hee)
While all the dancing was going on I caught this pic of Hayden
playing in the dirt infront of the stage...
not really interested I guess!
(good boy- girls are the devil!! ha )

for such a great event!
We should have came yesterday since I heard they had the
Hot Air Balloon rides that we missed and hoped we
could have caught...but there is always next year I guess! ;-)
We had a blast and look forward to more fun and exciting
family free entertainment to come!
Somer Jane and Family!