Saturday, September 4, 2010

Clarksville Elite Gymnastics has all 'BOY' classes~

For the past month, Hayden has been training in an
all-boys gymnastics class learning some challenging & physical moves.
Being in an all boys class has its benefits, since Coach Emily
gears all exercises and training to a boys bootcamp like activity.
Of course they are still learning all the tumbling and normal gymnastics type
activities like balance beam, uneven-bars and trampoline stunts.
Its just that Coach Emily makes it fun for the boys by not making it girly! ;-)
Hayden loves going every week and I'm proud of him for not giving up
when he's learning something new that he may not be good at yet.

Here are just a few pics that I was able to take today...
I wish I could get pics every week since they work on different things
each week but the actual gym is closed off to parents only gymnasts.
(Its just hard taking good pics through
the glass window viewing area because of the glare)

Above, Hayden is stretching out/warming up before the class begins.
Below, Hayden is about to vault onto a huge mat and try to flip
over the octagon shaped mat...
He likes to run and JUMP off the vault INTO THE MAT!

Now he is going to run, jump the vault and try to flip over the cube
He vaulted and rolled over it..good try Hayden!
Now practicing floor exercises... Hayden does his hand stands~

Soo cute...Hayden doing his cartwheels...he looks better than me! hee
Doing a front flip on the trampoline~
My camera was too slow and didn't catch the flip in the air but
only after when he landed on his bum below.
He did a good flip though, take my word for it! ;-)
Coach Larry the owner talking with Hayden
Hayden may or may not become the next Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast
but for right now this is something that is giving him confidence.
Not to mention that its burning off his abundant energy and strengthening
his muscles in the process! I hope that we can continue gymnastics through the winter and all the rest of the year until he decides if he will continue again the next year...till then...
We are enjoying our sessions at Clarksville Elite Gymnastics!
Thanks Coach Emily for being great with the boys~
Somer Jane