Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mag's Coffee has Hawaiian Shaved Ice~

One of my favorite sweet things in this world is
Its hard to find in these parts though and I found some at
a fairly new coffee shop that opened up here in town~ YAY!
We tried Pina Colada and Fuzzy Navel today and the
Pina Colada won out as our favorite of the two.
But the kids said, YUM can we come back again and get these!
hee hee
I guess they will love them now too~

Sooo...I was looking over the menu at this Mag's Coffee Shop
and noticed they also serve beignets on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays!
(Another favorite treat of mine ever since I've visited "N'awlins")
So guess who will be making a special order soon of beignets...mmmm!
Also, they have a neat coffee drink named, Spunky Monkey
that sounds delish and up for my taste testing pleasure.
I'll let ya know~
But for the time being Go THERE at least for one of
their Hawaiian Shaved Ices while the weather is HOT!
Its a refreshing cool treat and soo much better than a
SNOW CONE!! ha ha
I'll be back fo'shizzle to Mag's~
Somer Jane

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