Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sango Fro Yo just opened in town~

Sango is popping up with Frozen Yogurt places all over!
We now have two brand new places less than a mile from each other.
Today we tried SANGO FRO-YO!
Its a self-serve place just like the rest of them and has
toppings and syrups to coat the yogurt.
(I wish they had a bigger fruit selection though)
'Lyza got a vanilla fro-yo and Hayden tried a birthday cake flavor that
tasted just like birthday cake! (without the icing of course)
But it was yummy and worth the visit.

The kids and I enjoyed the time together
and loved the cute table arrangements.
They have a program of getting your card punched.
After the 9th punch you get your 10th cup free.
Gotta love FREE things!
Somer Jane

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