Friday, September 26, 2008

~Carrot Cake-Candy Corn Cupcakes for My-Hopes Birthday~

Making the CUPCAKES for Grandma~

He is a perfectionist like his momma...
I'm soo proud!

Isnt she cute, shes pretending its a candle!!

Finished product!
Pretty good work, eh!

Happy Birthday My Hope!

For My-Hopes birthday we decided to make her some cupcakes instead of the cake Mommy kinda made lopsided last year...ha ha ha!
(The Cake was still really tasty though~ Red Velvet w/cream cheese icing!!)

Anywho this year we stuck to cupcakes and the kids had a yummy time
making them for My-Hope (grandma)!
They fit into our letter "C" week just perfect as well...
Carrot Cake Cupcakes
with Candy Corn toppings!

hee hee

Somer Jane

~The Letter C Week~

During our "C" week of learning we had
with our friends Meara & Heather!
We dressed up Meara and Hayden as clowns
Lyza Jane was not too happy about putting clown make-up on
so she didnt partake in the Clown fun!

Hayden & Meara as clowns~

Playing a peanut carnival game

Eating the peanuts

Eating some Circus Popcorn~

Playing a Circus matching shapes game~
Another game~
Mmmmm Cotton Candy begins with the letter "C"

Another day we did some Coloring and Circling
the letter 'C' in this poem~

Another day we drank some CRANBERRY juice

out of some CRAZY straws!

For lunch one afternoon we had CHEESE sandwiches,
COMBOS (cheese pretzels)
and some fresh CANTALOPE!
A yummy 'C' lunch~

We took a field trip to the CAR WASH!!
They love going to the CAR WASH~

We also had ice cream CONES and ice cream CUPS~

We read a few books to include~

We had a great week learning about things that begin with the letter 'C'!!
Hayden and Lyza Jane had a fun-filled week as you can tell.
We are really getting into the letter of the week now.
I have yet to add the number of the week, but soon, very soon!

Somer Jane

Thursday, September 25, 2008

~Cinnamon Roll begins with the Letter 'C'~

We made some soft yummy, warm, mouth watering cinnamon rolls for breakfast one morning during our letter 'C' week!! Can we say MMMmmmmmmm!!!

Nothing says 'LUVIN' like a fresh baked
cinnamon roll from the OVEN!
hee hee
Somer Jane

Sunday, September 21, 2008


We found a new FARM to enjoy!

The view of the whole Farm walking down the hill at the entrance was BEAUTIFUL!!

'Lyza Jane standing by a sign

One of the two corn troughs to play in

A table with John Deere tractors that Hayden enjoyed playing with~

Farm goat and the Baby 1 month old goat named 'Gretta~

Lyza making a friend

Here chicky-Chicky!

Hayden checkin' out the farm donkey~

'Lyza Jane petting the pony~

I think he thought Hayden had some food!

Enjoying the hayride!

Having a once in a lifetime sibling bonding moment that lasted 5 seconds! ohhh and Hayden found a feather which he loved~


Driving around (so they think) on the barrel train ride~

The BLACK HOLE! They loved this tube slide built inside a big DIRT mound! Can you tell by all the dirt on Hayden's backside! ha ha Note to self: wash some clothes when we get home!

Lunch TIME! Enjoying a hotdog, chips and coke bought from the concessions~

This tire swing ROCKED! Hayden wanted one in our back yard~ I WISH!

Finally before we left we picked out some 'baby' pumpkins to take home~

OK I have been watching this farm I found online for a few months waiting for the GRAND OPENING to the public weekend to check this place out!

Well the GRAND OPENING was this weekend Sept 20th! We had the chance to go the next day (Sunday the 21st) and have the whole farm to ourselves at the beginning of the day! WHOO HOO!!

Can I say how impressed I was with how things were run and genuinely how nice all the people (family of Rineharts) were to us!! This farm is a family fall fun attraction that you MUST put down on your calendar of to do this Season!

Being a farm/attraction visitor of the surrounding area, this farm definitely is on the top of my list right now! They are by far the most affordable at $6 pp and 2yrs and under being FREE! They have alot of entertainment for the kiddos at $6 a pop as well and they wont kick you could stay all day! (We stayed about 2 hours until daddy could not take anymore excitement with preschoolers and said it was time to hoo! hee )

But if you are looking for something to do this Fall and wanting a WELL-WORTH your GAS money spent to get there....


I promise you will have a great family-fun filled day at a family run farm~

Hayden and 'Lyza Jane plan on going back again in October!!

Somer Jane