Saturday, September 20, 2008

~ Annual Appleton Motorcycle Toy Run~

Snacking on chips before the motorcycle parade began
Still waiting for the parade to begin...
but found some mulch to play in with the Thomas Trains! ;-)

Of course my camera wanted to mess with me again and delete some of my pics that I took which included SANTA on his Harley but here is some of the action~
Watching the bikes go by...wonder what they are thinking?
Bye Bye Bikes...this is after they go past us~

The motorcycles are coming!!

I drove the kiddos to Riverside Dr. this afternoon just in time to get a good parking spot for the Toy Run Parade!
(Boy people were lining up parking an hour before the parade
off Riverside Drive to get the best spots!)
We got there 40 mins before showtime which started at 1:10pm
and the kids snacked on chips & MUG rootbeer that we bought at the SubMarina shop we walked to located behind us.
They also kept themselves occupied by playing in the mulch with Haydens~ Thomas the trains he likes to carry everywhere we go!
'Lyza Jane also enjoyed singing and dancing next to the car to entertain me mostly but herself as well. hee
Finally the motorcycle parade (as I call it) began and the kids enjoyed seeing Santa Claus riding down the street on his motorcycle leading the way for the gazillion other motorcycles that would come to follow!
We waved and waved at all the neat and some very colorful bikes!
'Lyza Jane wasnt into the loud ones reving their engines as they passed by but Hayden was totally DIGGING those ones of course!
After watching 30 mins worth of motorcycles going by us the kids got tired of waving and soo we started packing up & buckling
our seatbelts for the ride home.
We left right before the motorcycle parade ended but we got our 30 mins of Harley fun in one big dose nonetheless!
Can't wait till next year to do it all again~
Somer Jane

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