Wednesday, September 3, 2008

~The Bridge to Train Adventure~

Today the kids started out running errands with Mommy (me) and then Hayden shouted he wanted to go to a park afterwards, sooo I said OK if you guys are good we will go to a park~ but God had other plans for our daily adventure!!!

Hayden & 'Lyza Jane did start out at a park with myself at Valleybrook Park off Crossland Ave. They have a little nature walk path that walks you by a stream and over a tiny bridge and back around again to the park.
The kids had fun looking for fish and frogs (but the stream was low,
so no such luck) but we had fun nonetheless!
From the Valleybrook park you can see the old TRAIN Bridge, which got me thinking about an exciting adventure of exploring!
Haydens absolute favorite thing in the whole world is trains and 'THOMAS'
but if know Hayden you already knew that!! hee
So Mommy (thats Me!) decided to take the kids on a Train adventure, which ended up being better than I ever could have planned myself!
I truly know God was planning this little day out himself
and I was just following along as the kids personal chauffeur! ;-)
So here is our Bridge to Trains adventure for your enjoyment~

Walking down the path that leads to an Old Train Bridge here in Clarksville

The bridge is in the distance...

Infront of the entrance to the Old Train Bridge

I think this shot is neat with Hayden looking at another Train Bridge that crosses the Cumberland River in the distance

My kids acting silly on a bench along the path

'Lyza Jane found a Rock!
Isnt he the most handsome thing you've ever seen!

(It may be time for a trim on the hair though! hee)

'Peek-a-Boo' EJ!

Picking some wild berries off a tree along the path...

Walking down the hill just being a boy...a cute boy!
I love 'Lyza Janes smile in this pic as they're racing down the hill
This is the Old Train Bridge we explored from a distance...pretty huh!

Soo I got the next idea to drive the kiddos over to the Old L&N Train Station that has a caboose and train that you can explore...well on our way their we were stopped for the first time ever at the train crossing with an actual train moving by us!! Hayden was the most excited little boy ever and thought I was magic and made the train appear...God made it appear that was for sure!

Sooo we watched the whole train go by was a long wait but well worth it for Hayden's excitement at seeing his 1st train at an actual train crossing!
And then we pulled into the train station for more train fun~

Hayden wanted to check out every part of the train that he could
I wonder what kind of train adventures he is dreaming about in this pic
Driving the Caboose

All Aboard!!

This is one of my favorites...him running down the track!

After our train station exploration we were Hot and Hungry!
Sooo I drove the kids down to a local (historic if ya ask me)
little ice-cream/burger joint for some lunch under $5 bucks.
The White House Dairy Freeze has 'slider' burgers and the best milkshakes
(Ask for the Butterscotch if ya go for the first time! YUM!!)
The White House is ranked #9 on the website for best places to eat in Clarksville too!! Whoo knew? I have been going there since my grandparents started taking me for vanilla ice-cream cones when I was around Haydens age but I never knew it was #9 until I looked online today!
Its nostalgic for me regardless of what ranking, but I do recommend it!
3 'mini slider' hamburgers (one for each of us)
1 Sweet Tea
1 Large Pineapple Milkshake
= $5 bucks
Memories made with my kids today~

Hayden is licking the Pineapple Milkshake drippings
'Slider' burgers are yummy!!!
... they are also perfect for little hands!
'Lyza Jane liked the Pineapple Milkshake!!
Yummy Goodness!

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