Friday, September 26, 2008

~The Letter C Week~

During our "C" week of learning we had
with our friends Meara & Heather!
We dressed up Meara and Hayden as clowns
Lyza Jane was not too happy about putting clown make-up on
so she didnt partake in the Clown fun!

Hayden & Meara as clowns~

Playing a peanut carnival game

Eating the peanuts

Eating some Circus Popcorn~

Playing a Circus matching shapes game~
Another game~
Mmmmm Cotton Candy begins with the letter "C"

Another day we did some Coloring and Circling
the letter 'C' in this poem~

Another day we drank some CRANBERRY juice

out of some CRAZY straws!

For lunch one afternoon we had CHEESE sandwiches,
COMBOS (cheese pretzels)
and some fresh CANTALOPE!
A yummy 'C' lunch~

We took a field trip to the CAR WASH!!
They love going to the CAR WASH~

We also had ice cream CONES and ice cream CUPS~

We read a few books to include~

We had a great week learning about things that begin with the letter 'C'!!
Hayden and Lyza Jane had a fun-filled week as you can tell.
We are really getting into the letter of the week now.
I have yet to add the number of the week, but soon, very soon!

Somer Jane

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