Sunday, September 7, 2008

~Uncle Cheve came to visit from San Antonio~

In this picture is my Great-Uncle Cheve sitting behind me,
my mom and my 'PaPa' in navy!
(Yes I really do have 'Mexican' roots even though
I took more of my 'Irish' father's (RIP) looks)
They adore each other!
My Papa was trying to make Lyza Jane laugh

Giving Great-PaPa HUGS!!!
Great-Nanny loves me lots...she gives me candy and GOODIES!!
My Papa is still battling his brain cancer but has finished his chemo
treatments for the time being though which he is happy about, so he is
just trying to regain his strength now.

His little brother, my Great-Uncle Cheve flew in to stay the whole week and help take care of his big brother (my PaPa) and keep him company. My Uncle Cheve is one of the sweetest men I have ever known and one of the funniest too! Especially for an 81 yr old/youngster like his self! hee

My Papa and my Uncle Cheve have always been close and I think its awesome he got on a plane being 81 and flew by himself here from Texas. That is love! We enjoyed visiting with him and spending a little time with him while he was here! ) I even had the pleasure of helping take my Uncle back to the airport and push him all the way to his plane terminal in his own private wheelchair that we borrowed from the airport! That was fun for us, going through security was not! ha

I love my family so much...

no matter what you should always love & cherish your family!!

Somer Jane

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