Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Little Mermaid's 4th Birthday~

I can remember 4 yrs ago when I was having my lil' Princess at the hospital...
Miss 'Lyza Jane was soo tiny weighing only 5lbs & 14oz.
She was no bigger than a bag of sugar~
But ohh she had a head full of dark brown hair!
My beautiful lil' baby girl...
is now a big 4yrs old!

At the start of her special day we had doughnut holes for breakfast.
Then she opened her first birthday present from
Mommy, Daddy & Hayden.
Her birthday card was Ariel singing when she opened it,
she thought it was soo neat and smiled.
The Little Mermaid Baby birthday doll~
Here below is the special, one of a kind~
"Little Mermaid Birthday Cake"
Thanks to Stephanie H. for making it~
We loved the personalized sea shells and
the Strawberry Cake inside w/the cream cheese icing was delicious!

**Make a WISH**

'Lyza's favorite Chuck E Cheese ride is the racing horse!
here she is riding with her friend Meara~
(My best friends daughter) ;-)
Riding the Jeep with her Big Bro Hayden
Hayden loves this helicopter bicycle ride~
Miss Lyza Jane with her grandma 'Ranny~
Oh Boy Presents!!!
She really thinks she can read this card
I suppose from Grandma My-Hope~ ;-)
Opening Presents is FUN!!!
Taking a quick shot with my handsome man,
before he takes off running to play again~
Thank-You Uncle Erik for this super awesome
Princess Castle Kitchen you bought me for my 4th birthday!
I soo love it and baked some cookies already using Snow Whites recipe! hee
(Thanks also to Randi my sitter who took the time to
put this kitchen together so I could play with it!)
Also thanks to Grandma My-Hope for the cute purple outfit
Im modeling in these photos below...I love it!
Oooh, a Pink Tent to play with outside~
Thanks Grandpa Mr. Man and Kim!
Wow, a cute pink bag filled with birthday goodies from
Grandpa Mr. Man and Kim~
Ive been wanting some new rain boots~
And their in my favorite color....PINK!
(she loves them!)
(thanks for these funny red lips in my birthday goodie bag too!)

I had a Mermaid-tastic Birthday this year!
Thanks to everyone for all my wonderful gifts:
Meara, Heather & Mike- thanks for the My first Princess Bible, its lovely!
Grandma Ranny- thanks for the Barbie Mermaid DVD & the
Tinkerbell Nightgown, its soo beautiful!
Grandma My-Hope- thanks for the outfits, preschool learning books &
Rosetta fairy costume know I love dress-up!
Uncle Erik-thanks for the Ariel Barbie doll plus the kitchen,
that was some really awesome birthday surprises!
Grandpa Mr. Man & Kim-thanks for the pink tent & birthday goody bag~
I loved my pink rain boots alot!
I love you all~
Elyza Jane Daisy
Thanks for helping make my baby girls day blessed!
We hope this year is filled with many happy moments too~
Somer Jane

Sunday, March 28, 2010

1st Egg Hunt of the Easter 2010 Season~

Its Easter time!!
I just love this time of year too. The birds are chirping and the buttercups are
beginning to blossom outside everywhere.
Easter is my absolute favorite holiday...its just soo cheerry!
Yesterday was the beginning of the Easter Egg Hunts and family
fun time that the holiday brings.
We took the kids to the Jaycees annual Easter Egg hunt.
Here our some of the pics below:
I had to get a pic with my beautiful princess below before she
took off running in her age group for eggs~
My two precious bebes patiently waiting to hunt for EGGS!
'Lyza did pretty good running out there all by herself getting the eggs...
She was getting eggs but her main focus seemed to be picking up
the gazillion lollipops they had scattered around the field.
She wanted that CANDY!! ;-)
Her prized treasure a pretty PINK Easter lollipop she found~
Hayden being older and wiser to this whole Easter Egg hunting thing~
He tried to get as many eggs as he could get and tried to go where the other
kids were not going to get the most eggs~
He was proud of his Easter loot...
we hurriedly went through all his eggs looking for any GOLDEN winners!
Sure enough...
those two golden eggs were the 1st and 3rd place
Golden prize eggs~
Here he is trading in the ticket numbers for his golden prizes!
For 1st place he won the awesome Easter basket below and
for 3rd place he won that cool play pack of playdoh~
Lucky Duck!
He got alot of cool stuff in his 1st place basket~
JumpRope, sidewalk chalk, stuffed bunny dog, puzzle,
Fish card game, Easter chirping chick & a playdoh bucket set!
(He was even nice enough to give his stuffed bunny-dog to
his lil' sister 'Lyza who really liked it....awlll)
This morning we got another surprise when we opened the Sunday newspaper.
Miss 'Lyza Jane had gotten her picture in the front page of
the community section! How special is that?!
She of course thought it was super special!!
She had to call all the grandmothers to let them know she made the paper! ;-)
(She is the first one on the right pictured below)

We would like to thank the local Jaycees for the fun event they
sponsored free to the community yesterday!
It was a joy to see my children soo happy hunting for Easter eggs
& treasures scattered around the field.
My son was even more elated that he won his 1st ever GOLDEN eggs!
Thank-you for the wonderful prizes that you sponsored as well~
We very much enjoyed the family time we had together
because of this wonderful FREE event for the community!
Happy Easter Everyone~

Somer Jane

Saturday, March 20, 2010

48th St. Patricks Day Wearin' of the Green Parade Erin, TN~

Its the first official day of SPRING!
Today we took a little road trip down south to Erin, TN for the
big 48th annual St. Paddys Day parade and festival they put on.
This was an extremely exciting adventure for the kiddos!
Here above the two lil' Irish kiddos were waiting for the parade to begin...
I had to buy them some cotton candy from the street vendor to
pass the time away before the parade came!
(MMmm cotton candy!)
I couldnt have asked for a better shot and luckily I had
my camera ready to capture this Daddy/Daughter moment!!

I had to get a pic with my two favorite wee' leprechauns!

Hayden has spotted the parade coming down the street!
"Look MOM its COMING!!"

Mr. Leprechaun and his Mrs.~

The Mid-South Navy Band~

Gotta love the KILTS!
My favorite thing to hear is someone playing the Bagpipes!
Its beautiful!!

Neat Leprechaun floats~
We are definitely feeling the luck of the Irish today!

Hayden was getting lots of good SWAG from the floats too!

My lil' Irish Princess waving to the floats go by~

Here come the clowns!

A parade is not a parade without some horses~
Mini Semi trucks~
These old guns actually fired~
They were soo loud they set off a car alarm near us!
It was neat to see though.
Classic cars~

Loving the "Leprechaun Parade" as 'Lyza called it!

Beautiful Southern Belles~

This "Miata Limosine" gave Hayden this green nice!

I love actually seeing floats in a parade!
She was watching a Little Miss Princess drive by...
who knows 'Lyza one day that might be you in a parade~
just like your mommy! ;-)
After the parade walking over a bridge near a park~

Playing at the Park~

My two beautiful children enjoying the sunshine on
the very first day of SPRING!

Thanks to the city of ERIN, TN for such a wonderful St. Paddy's Day celebration!
We enjoyed watching the parade go by and the kids enjoyed
chasing after the candy and loot thrown to them from the floats!
It was fun getting a little wee bit closer to our heritage for a day~
Happy St. Patricks DAY!!
Somer Jane