Thursday, March 18, 2010

Haydens 1st Leprechaun trap for Kindergarten~

Haydens homework project this week was to build a leprechaun trap
for St. Patricks Day to catch the wee lil' leprechaun that might visit his class.
He was super excited to begin and I just let him go to work and tell me
what he needed or wanted from the craft supplies.
He said he needed lots of glitter since leprechauns were attracted to
gold and sparkly stuff...
so he painted his box with gold and green glitter!
He said he needed to make a rainbow inside the box since leprechauns
like rainbows too...(I mean thats were they hide the gold and all!)
He also cut out gold coins that he wrote $100 on them to symbolize
the FREE GOLD that was to entice the wee lil leprechaun inside the box.
His thinking was if he advertised that he had 'FREE GOLD' in his box
that the leprechaun would want the GOLD and get trapped trying to get the
gold out of his box when the stick lever fell to trap him inside.
He came up with everything on his own!
I only helped him spell the words he wanted to write and
monitored his painting so he wouldnt get it all over of course! ;-)

For his very first leprechaun trap I say it was a huge success!
He really had a fun time creating it and telling me his plans.
I enjoyed watching him come up with his trap all by his self.

The next day (St. Patricks Day) he came home from school excited!
He told me that the leprechaun had wrecked his school
and made a mess everywhere. No one caught the sneaky leprechaun
in their traps either but that the wee lil'leprechaun
left chocolate gold coins in everyones box traps!
He thought that was the coolest thing ever and I was glad he had
fun trying to catch the lil leprechaun at school!

Maybe next year Hayden! ;-)

Happy St. Patricks Day to all~

Somer Jane

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