Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice Cube Hearts~

Valentines is Almost here!
We made some cute heart ice cubes today...
they made the perfect little sweet treat for the kiddos.
We will have to make some more next week for Valentines week~

Somer Jane

Friday, January 30, 2009


This is my window after my son and hubby are
throwing snowballs at me from outside~
Hayden making a snow angel
He likes to eat the snow~

Snowball fight!!

Dumptruck in the!

'Lyza Jane stayed warm and dry inside with me~
we brought our own personal snow playground inside!!

Mmmm I like to eat snow too!!

After Hayden came inside to thaw out....
he made some snow sculptures~

Somer Jane

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can I just say we are getting excited for Valentines~

I saw these cupcakes online (forgot what website)
but thought they were super yummy looking
and wanted to try my hand at them~
The kids love to bake things in the kitchen,
luckily they take turns most of the time and dont fight
over who gets to do what...(Lyza Jane is afraid of the mixer still)She just couldnt wait for the finished product!!
She just took one big spoonful of DRY cake mix!! (UGH Lyza Jane)

Hayden loves to use the mixer...
but they both love to LICK the mixer thingys after were done!
She placed all our cupcake papers in the trays for us
Hayden decorating his freshly baked cupcake
A Cuppie-Cake for my Cupcake!
and YES...they were delicious!!

Somer Jane

Celebrating Christmas with Uncle Erik & Shellie~

We havent had the chance to get together with
"UNCA AIRK" (as Lyza calls him) and soon-to-be Aunt Shellie
to celebrate Christmas yet...
So we had them over for dinner this week for
Pizza, Lasagna and breadsticks from Pizza Hut and exchanged gifts!
(First let me say the lasagna from Pizza Hut was pretty good for
fast food delivery was cheezy but fairly good!)
Now it wasnt MY famous yummy lasagna,
but for take-out I give it a thumbs up! ;-)

Hayden got a cool CARS movie projector book from Uncle Erik & Shellie.
It shows movie pictures on the wall while you read the story~
It was super cool and he loved it!

'Lyza Jane got a baby doll set and this super CUTE
cupcake purse set that has pretend-play make your own cupcakes!
(I think Mommy might have to steal the bag for her NEW purse-
I soo could rock that cupcake purse on my arm! ha ha)
Group HUG!
Thanks 'UNCA AIRK' and Shellie for our gifts!!

Somer Jane

Cute Book if your a MARLEY fan~

I stumbled across this by accident at the local library
the other day and since everyone has been telling me to
go see the 'Marley and Me' movie thats been out since Christmas
and havent had the chance yet...
well I figured that I would read this childrens book version to my kiddos
(especially since they want to see the 'DOG' movie, as they call it too!)
Its a cute story with a great message at the end.
If your a 'Marley and Me' fan ya might want to check them out for your kids!
(the other one out is called, "A very Marley Christmas")

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm~

We had a minor ICE storm here in Clarksville~
We lost power in the morning for a little bit, but
thankfully we were restored...others were not so lucky I hear!
Its soo pretty to look at the ice covering everything
but I do feel sorry for the damage it caused to the trees and such.

Our grill covered in ICE...hmmm why didnt daddy
have the grill cover on it? ;-)
All the trees were frozen in time...
they glistened and sparkled in the light~ which was serene.

Luckily we didnt have any damage of
trees breaking from the ICE...
so we were able to enjoy the beauty of it!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blackmail for when he gets his 1st girlfriend~

My son, Hayden is a stylish hipster of fashion...always
wanting to dress up in frilly, frou-frou, fuzzy,
colorful, sparkly,
hilarious to me~ getups!
Of course when he borrows my stuff or his little sisters-
I always MUST take a picture of his fashion police 'No-No'
to catalog away for the next decade (or two)
for that day when he brings his 1st SERIOUS girlfriend
home to meet his mother...
Shes gonna love me!!
Hayden I'm not soo sure...
especially after all the blackmail photos I've been collecting
in the last 5 years since his birth~
Here are two of my favorites we have taken in the last couple of weeks:
I call this one~
"Hayden Big 'PIMP'ing"
Heee heee
Now, Haydens friend Meara gave him this chef hat and apron
for Christmas as seen below, which was a neat gift
since we do like to cook in the kitchen alot...
But I think Hayden took it a step too far and borrowed
his lil' sisters shoes that she got for Christmas to add to the fashion NO NO!
ha ha
But its funny as heck!
Just wait till these photos came back to haunt him in 10 -20 years! ha
(I cant wait) ;-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~Learning about the Letter S~

~ We are learning about the letter S~

The kids learned how to make SCRAMBLED eggs for breakfast

Everyone helped out and took turns scrambling the eggs of course

Hayden is going to be a good cook, he really gets into his cooking!

Enjoying the Scambled eggs with cheese
and Strawberry Milk to drink...
A yummy letter 'S' breakfast!
"SEE - food" ...
another letter S favorite! hee ;-)
'Lyza Jane worked on a 'SMILEY' face letter S

While Hayden practiced writing his Letter 'S's~

We made snowflakes to decorate our window

He is really concentrating...look at the tongue action!
Coloring her snowflake, her favorite color PINK!
Hanging up on the window!

Some cute books we read using the letter 'S'