Monday, January 12, 2009

~Christmas with Heather & Meara~

We celebrated Christmas with my bestest friend Heather,

and her daughter Meara - (Hayden and 'Lyza's friend) today!

I love how we are spreading out the good cheer and

holiday spirit out for weeks not just celebrating all in one day!

They say the Christmas spirit should be spread throughout the

whole year anyways, so I guess we are trying to make that happen!! ;-)

Hayden got a WAY cool CARS beanbag from Heather and Meara~

'Lyza Jane got a neat Book & CD set with puzzle box too

Hayden and 'Lyza Jane got Meara a

Disney Princess Dance DVD set to practice her

twirling and ballet moves~

My Bestest Girly-Girl in the World Heather ~

She made me this handmade crocheted hat for Christmas!


Heather also made me a whole box set of HANDMADE cards

that she created herself...they are super awesome!!

Check out her blog page that has some of her cards that she has made...

She is very talented and crafty~

I Love her!! ;-)

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Heather said...

Awwwgghhh! I LOVE YOU TOO Somer Jane!!!! ;-)