Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~Reading Dr. Seuss with 'Rannie~

Dr. Seuss brings back happy childhood
memories for me...
Today my mom, otherwise known as
Grandma- 'Rannie to the kiddos,
brought over two brand new book gifts for the kids.
She even read them both to them before she left which
of course to me was a KODAK moment in itself and I dashed for my camera!
I had a huge collection of Dr. Seuss books as a child,
which my mother still has locked away for the special day
she decides I'm ready to have them...ha ha
Anyways, it was a nice touch to start her grandchildren off
with their own collection of Dr. Seuss books today
as well...may the 'Seuss' live on forever!
'Rannie is a good storyteller and gets into the characters~
My two babies are sooo cute when they're
not fighting~ but sharing
happy moments together!


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