Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blackmail for when he gets his 1st girlfriend~

My son, Hayden is a stylish hipster of fashion...always
wanting to dress up in frilly, frou-frou, fuzzy,
colorful, sparkly,
hilarious to me~ getups!
Of course when he borrows my stuff or his little sisters-
I always MUST take a picture of his fashion police 'No-No'
to catalog away for the next decade (or two)
for that day when he brings his 1st SERIOUS girlfriend
home to meet his mother...
Shes gonna love me!!
Hayden I'm not soo sure...
especially after all the blackmail photos I've been collecting
in the last 5 years since his birth~
Here are two of my favorites we have taken in the last couple of weeks:
I call this one~
"Hayden Big 'PIMP'ing"
Heee heee
Now, Haydens friend Meara gave him this chef hat and apron
for Christmas as seen below, which was a neat gift
since we do like to cook in the kitchen alot...
But I think Hayden took it a step too far and borrowed
his lil' sisters shoes that she got for Christmas to add to the fashion NO NO!
ha ha
But its funny as heck!
Just wait till these photos came back to haunt him in 10 -20 years! ha
(I cant wait) ;-)

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