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Miss 4th of JULY!

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I had to capture one with Miss 4th of JULY!!

Blog time:

Sooo...I didnt get any pics of fireworks this year but I got
some REALLY cute ones of my DIVA PRINCESS~ Miss 'Lyza Jane!!
She is the cutest thing to take photos of which makes it lots of fun!
Both of the kids had a good 4th of July I'd say~
The ice cream truck came by during the day and I should've got a pic
of the before and after of the popsicles dripping down their arms
from the 'HOT' 4th of July Sun! Cute pics that I missed~ Maybe next time!

The kids were dazzled by the fireworks that Daddy shot off and
the neighborhood display of other shows going on at the same time!
We had some 'high-rollers' in our neighborhood I tell you!!
The fireworks were Amazing!
I think the kids liked staying up way past their bedtime too!

Hayden and Daddy went to the lake on Mr. Man's boat today
while me and Miss 4th of July stayed home and then went shopping!!
I wished I could have had some pics of Hayden on the boat enjoying his
day at the Lake but I did get some really cute ones of 'Lyza Jane modeling~

I just luv my baby-girl in RED, WHITE & BLUE!!

Hope you had a great 4th of July~

Somer Jane

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Christina said...

Your little Miss 4th of July is So cute, Somer. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! Thanks for sharing:)