Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stop Child Trafficking Now 2010 5K Walk~

I participated in the 'Stop Child Trafficking Now 2010 Walk'
today and I was the 3rd top fundraiser for our city out of 200+ people!
I was soo happy to have had the support for this cause
that I believe in soo much! It was an honor to help make a difference
in children's lives that are living in slavery as we speak!
One of the teams below that walked the 5K holding their signs~
(the black sign was funny... it said:
"Who needs team Edward or team Jacob...
we have team MARLOW!"
(which was the name of their team 'Marlow', I thought it was a creative sign! )
The start of the walk/run of the 5K~
(look for me I'm holding the front sign on the far right end)

See there I am~ walking for the children to end child slavery!
We all must fight this war, its happening in our own backyards~

I want to say THANK-YOU to my supporters that donated to my cause
and fight to help end child trafficking here in the US and world-wide!
Together with your support we have changed the world to be a
little bit better of a place...
It takes one step at a time is all!
I'm using this community awareness event as a stepping stone to
get back into helping the world and others more.
I hope this is the first to a long list of things I plan to make a
difference in our future!
Wish me luck in my helping mankind journey~
I hope I can inspire others to challenge themselves as well to
find an organization or cause to join and make a difference too!
You will feel like a better person for doing so I promise~
Thanks last to God for pushing me to do even a little something to
start making ripple effects on the world!
Be blessed all~
Somer Jane

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