Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hayden's 7th Birthday Tom & Jerry Style~

My sweet baby boy is 7 years old!
He has grown so much this past year,
physically and mentally!
This kid is eating like a teenager already too! ha ha
To celebrate his big day we had a birthday party at the bowling
alley with a Tom & Jerry theme. (his fav. cartoon)

Hayden with his friend Bennett from his class enjoying some pizza

Elyza getting ready to bowl a strike...

Posing for a quick pic with My-Hope~

Olivia was in town visiting and was able to celebrate with
us for Haydens big day!
(she was one of Hayden's first friends when they were toddlers)

Hayden bowling down the lane...

Hayden with his good friend Isaiah enjoying the party~

Aunt LeeAnne loves her great nephew Hayden~

Opening presents time~

Cool more Legos to add to the collection!

Happy Birthday to my BIG boy!
I pray that you are blessed with another great year love!

Happy 7th Birthday!

Somer Jane

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