Friday, December 31, 2010

Barbie Makeovers by Miss Elyza Jane

Lyza got a Barbie Make-up Kit for Christmas from her
Uncle Tony and was soo excited to try it out~

It was really a neat little barbie make-up kit.
So she asked me if we could play make-up/dress-up
and of course I had to say yes...
But 1st she had to make-over herself of course! ;-)

So here she is making herself gorgeous and I have to say for
only being 4 yrs old she is pretty good at this! hee

She is a natural beauty already but she really has this beauty
make-up routine down. I think I'm going to have to get some
pointers from her! ;-)

She made me laugh at her technique's of applying make-up.

I just can't believe she is really into this stuff.
I love NOT wearing a drop of make-up myself! ;-)

All done & made up posing with her barbie make-up case~
Beautiful DARLING!

Now, its my make-over time...
I just sat there and the professional make-up artist went to work!
Of course I sat there a while since she had to do my eyes
and lips with many different colors and layers. ;-)

After she was all done though I was ready for my close-up
and felt glamourous! She was soo proud of her work too.
She can't wait to play beauty make-over again soon.
and I can't wait to see her smile like this again
just by being her mannequin.
Love you baby-girl!
Somer Jane

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