Saturday, August 15, 2009

~Week of the Eagles~

It was a perfectly sunny HOT day for the festivities of
todays Week of the Eagles Family Day!
They had free jumpys for the kids and lots of SWAG!
The kids loved getting inside the helicopters and being able to
touch them up close since they are amazing devices!
The paratroppers were awesome and so was the
re-enactment war show that they created on the field.
The pizza and popsicles the kids enjoyed while watching the air show
weren't too shabby either! ha ha
All and All a very great family fun day that the Week of the Eagles
provided, thanks to all the troops that keep this country~
"The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave"
The paratroopers were cool!
Brought back memories of my jumping out of a plane
moment last year~FUN!!

I think this was inside the Chinook Helicopter~

Pilot Hayden~

Fighter Pilot 'Lyza Jane~
Watching the show while eating a tweety bird popsicle!
Isnt that Navy plane behind Hayden soo beautiful~

Hayden loved all the planes & helicopters~

Watch out Hayden is locked and loaded~
Some cool air show stunts~

The Budweiser Clydesdales were there too~
Such beautiful horses!!

Watching the Clydesdales walk by~
My bebes and me~
I love you guys!

Thank-you Lord for letting us have this wonderful day to
celebrate our freedom and the troops of this great country~
God Bless the U S A!
Somer Jane

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