Friday, August 7, 2009

1st Day of Kindergarten for Hayden~

Where have the past 5 1/2 years gone?

My baby boy has grown and is now starting Kindergarten! sniff sniff

Infront of his 'BIG school' as he calls it- ready to walk in for the first time!
I'm soo excited that he is EXCITED though!
He has been asking every day, 'Do I go to school today Momma?"
"Soon Hayden", is my reply.
(all while thinking how sad is this)
He was soo excited I think he could have stayed all day
he wanted to play and explore the room!
He immeadiately asked, "Where are the toys?!" ha ha
He was SUPER excited to see the room had computers to play on.
The teacher had a raffle for a big bag of school supplies
and guess who was the lucky one to get his name drawn from the basket?!
You guessed it...
Here you can see above he won some good stuff and hey less things for Mommy
to buy that I havent already bought like that box of Kleenex! ha ha

While the teacher went through the big folder of infomation with the parents
the students colored this coloring sheet on their desk.
I had to take a picture to commemorate his first official work done in school.
He even wrote his name at the bottom all by himself...
I'm such a proud, proud MOMMY!!
Hayden & his very first school teacher~ Mrs. King
When Hayden got home I presented him with a certificate
saying he completed his first day of Kindergarten
and he hung it up on the fridge!

To be honest I didnt think I would be sad or feel that missing my baby
sensation that other mommys have told me they felt
when their baby started the Big Kindergarten!
I always felt like I would be fine and excited for this new adventure
to begin...some days more than others if ya know what I mean! ha
But now that its here,
I keep thinking how this new chapter in our book of life
is just begining and I cant stop it even if I wanted to.
I'm going to miss all the time we have gotten to spend these last 5 1/2 years-
getting to watch him grow and teach him things.
He is my first baby~ and I love him dearly no matter what!
(Ya hear that Hayden, Your Mommy loves you very much no matter
how big you grow or how many things you end up breaking! ha ha)
I love you my big boy and now my big~

Love Mommy,
Somer Jane

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