Friday, August 14, 2009

Learning about the Letter B~

We are learning about the letter B~
B is for BUCKEYES!!
I've always wanted to try making some buckeye candy...
(Mmmmm its soo yummy)
Well today the kiddos and I broke out a recipe I found online
and I must say it was easy and fun for us all to make~

Look at her little face above in this pic...she is
really concentrating on making this candy!!

Hmmm maybe I could open my own little candy factory here~

I mean these two are cheap lil' oompa loompa's if ya ask me!

hee hee

I think Hayden liked eating the candy even more
than he liked making the candy,
but he gets his 'Sugar' addiction honest...
his mommy has a mean sweet tooth!

Hayden was learning the letter B while practicing numbers
He colored the bunny color by number page today~

Hayden and Lyza each picked out Letter A and Letter B picture items
and glued them to the correct letter page.

One of my favorite art projects we did was make these
'Butterflies' using their feet...
I hung them up on our glass window and they are soo cute!

'Lyzas pretty pink butterfly

Haydens Orange Butterfly
(this kid has big feet man!)
hee hee ;-)

Somer Jane


Heather said...

The butterfly feet are too cute!! Hey...what happend to my buckeye home delivery?! Did you eat them all? They really look tasty!

Michelle said...

Great activities. Those candies look good!