Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beech Bend Park 2 of 2~

Hayden has been wanting to drive the Bumper Cars since
we went to the Fair back in June,
today we finally made his dream come true!
The only scary part was that I was riding with him
and he wanted to hit everyone!! ha ha
'Lyza riding Mother Goose~

I thought this was funny the car he was riding in "SHIRLEY"!
(meaning he was a 'sally')
Can I hitch a ride?!
Look out 'My-Hope' ... I dont think she has a license!
Hayden fixing to get a real tummy tickler!!
I went on an adult size one of these in Ohio at Cedar Point
and WHOA...the drop is crazy!
This was Haydens absolute favorite ride here at Beech bend he said!
Look at his face!! hee hee
This was a fun ride and cooled us off!
Hayden wanted to ride this over and over!!
We rode it twice and that was my limit~

These ducks were very sweet~
Supposedly this SEA DRAGON ride came from Michael Jacksons
famous Neverland Ranch! No Joke~

Motorcycle Mama and Harley Man~
Taking a little sea cruise!
We had to ride this train twice too~
Riding Dumbo!!
Next time we will ride the Kentucky Rumbler Coaster
lets give Hayden another year even though he was ready!
Time to say Bye-Bye Beech Bend Park!!!!
Thanks for the memories~

It was truly a fun-filled memorable occassion~
Thank-you for wanting to spend the day with us we enjoyed
spending the day with you for sure!!
We love you My-Hope~
Beech Bend ROCKED!

Somer Jane

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