Sunday, September 13, 2009

Free Museum Sunday~

If your looking for something fun, yet somewhat educational
on a rainy or soon to be COLD winter day....
this Museum is the place to hang out from 1-5 SUNDAYS!
Of course my kids love trains and they run the trains on Sundays!
Which totally rocks for being FREE!!!!
They have some neat train tracks and models to look at and watch!
Lyza running through the maze~
They even have Thomas running on the rails!!
Whoo hooo

The red fire engine~

They have this cool Bubble room that has make your own bubbles!!

Making wishes in the fountain by the entrance~
I hope all their wishes come true!!

Soo what a fun FREE Sunday we had...
well we did stop for ice cream at Sonic after the museum
but overall a FREE Sunday! ;-)
This is a nice place to visit, they have other fun things to do
that I didnt take pics of like a grocery shopping store area
and games/puzzles to do. Soo check out the Museum fun one day!
Somer Jane

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