Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apple Picking at the Apple Farm~

Well, apples were our theme field trip this weekend!
(as a child I remember fondly that my grandparents
took me out to an apple farm to pick apples from a
friends of theirs apple farm~ they had the SWEETEST golden
delicious apples I have ever tasted in my 31 yrs of life!
I miss those yummy apples!)
Anywho, I wanted my kids to experience going to a REAL apple
farm and seeing where apples come from!
I think everyone enjoyed this field trip very much and
Hayden even made a new friend at the farm as well!
Running to the apple tree orchard to pick us some apples!
See Huck the Apple Farm dog following behind them! Soo cute!

Looking for some apples in the trees!

Are my cuties not just the most precious creatures to look at!
hee hee ;-)
I was soo excited to find 'Lyza Jane's cute Apple Tree dress
for todays occassion!

'Lyza found an apple!

Picking apples at the apple farm rocks!

Walking back to the barn after picking apples with HUCK the farm dog
following closely behind his new best friend Hayden!
This pic was toooo CUTE!!
My Apple Picking Princess~
with her red ruby shoes that she LOVES!!
We could have taken Huck the apple farm dog home with us!
He was such a loving and friendly dog~
Hayden and him became fast friends!!

'Lyza loved the apples~ Yummy!!

Lots and LOTS of APPLES!!!

Cant wait to go back next year and pick some more apples!
The Apple suckers that they got at the apple farm!
(they were really apple tasting too! Mmmmm)

Mommy made a FRESH Caramel Apple cake with the
apples we picked and bought at the farm!
It was mouth-watering too!!!!
Especially heated up and drizzled with this yummy
Smuckers Caramel sauce on top!!!!

If you are interested in visiting the apple farm
here is the web blog link for more info!
They are just opening this year, so they are in a growing stage
but overall they are a great place to take the kids to learn about APPLES!

Thank-You soo much Mr. Head for letting us enjoy your farm
and helping us get our BIG bag of apples to our car! ha ha
We will be back next year for sure!

Somer Jane

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