Friday, September 18, 2009

~Wicked at TPAC!!!

You must go see the Broadway show~ WICKED!!
It was really funny, entertaining and the talent
was magnificent!! I now have to read the book to get
more of the back drop I missed!
I went to see this awesome show with my mom
and her friend Bill 'Doctor'~ (inside joke)
We were first treated out to dinner by Bill 'Doctor'
at MORTONS in NashVegas!
I had crabcakes and mashed potatoes and they were delicious!!
My mom & Bill had steak and it was very tasty too!
(Thanks Bill 'Doctor' for the nice dinner out before the show!)
Waiting for the show to start was too exciting!
Did I tell you we had the BEST seats smack dab in the middle
of the whole orchestra level...
Dang I'm good locking down seats with ticketmaster!! ha ha
The map of OZ!!
I wanted to take pics during the show soo bad ~
But I was good and refrained from copyrighting material!
They really had great stage sets and bright lights and
amazing effects during the show though that I wish
I could have captured darn it!

You MUST go see this Broadway show!!
It was really well put together and the singing gave me chills at times!
Also I loved the character 'GA-Linda the Good Witch'
she totally reminded me of someone I know very well!!! ha ha
She had me cracking up at all her BLONDE moments!
( I just cant put my finger on it but someone in my early years! hee)

Great SHOW thanks TPAC!!

Somer Jane

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YiNing said...

I just watched Wicked last month, and I would like to write a blog post. However I found that I didn't take any photo especially the map of OZ.

I google wicked and map, and I am here now~ Will that be fine if I want to post your photo of the map on my blog?