Friday, July 31, 2009

U is for Umbrella & W is for WATER!!

First things first... click on the link above!
This will get you in the mindset of our lovely afternoon
using Umbrellas for the letter U along with getting
WET with WATER for the letter W!!! hee
So we went WALKING with our UMBRELLAS
in the WET & WATER-filled afternoon!
The kids catching raindrops on their HEADS & Tongues!

What kid doesnt love to JUMP IN PUDDLES!
This was just too much fun...

Playing in the rain is FREE and its also one of GOD'S gifts to Earth!
Walking in the water!
WHERE does all the WATER go?
Not a Dry part on this lil' Princess~
The rain looks good on you handsome boy!

Life is only as fun and interesting as you make it!
I want my kiddos to remember that I was a mommy that
tried to make their lives just that~
Every kid dreams of playing in the rain and jumping in the puddles
(I know my kids do at least)
so we really enjoyed one of lifes summer moments this afternoon.
While having an adventure we were learning as well.
SURE when we got home we were all soaked to the bone...
but we just quickly changed clothes and snuggled up to a movie!
It was a perfect LIFE Summer Moment!
I wish those moments could last forever...

Somer Jane

U is for Upside-Down Pineapple Cupcakes

We are completing the letters W & U this week
trying to complete the last letters of the alphabet we havent
covered before the big Kindergartener starts school full time on Aug 25th!

In studying the letter U we made
'Upside-Down Pineapple Cupcakes'
Hayden and Elyza really enjoyed this recipe...
especially since they got to snack on cheeries & pineapple
while making these yummy cupcakes~
Boy you can tell I use that muffin tin alot... ha ha
I may need to get a new one soon-but gosh I just got this one broken in!
Next time we make this recipe we will put more pineapple
pieces in the bottom, it was yummy this way but you really can never
have enough fruit in something! Its good for you right!

The pineapple is buried underneath the batter ready
to be put in the oven above

these cupcakes the very best STRAIGHT out of the oven still warm!
'Lyza is excited to eat hers too!

The recipe was easy and yummy.
I like that we didnt have to make a cake to enjoy the famous
Upside-Down Pineapple Goodness!
If you would like to make your own here is the
recipe I used from Family Fun magazine of course~
Pineapple Upside-Down Cupcakes

Somer Jane

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

National HotDog Month~

Yum Yum!

We took the National Hotdog Month excuse today to visit this Hot Dog Express restaurant across the river... I was hoping that we could celebrate by eating a hotdog in honor of the month as well as see some Choo Choo themed stuff at this said restaurant.

The Choo Choo Hot Dog Express offered a variety of toppings
and several varietys of HOT DOGS for anyones taste.
I read Bratwursts, Italian Beef, Jumbo Dogs, Chili Dogs and several others I couldnt remember but sounded exotic on the menu~
We settled for two regular dogs for the kiddos with ketchup and relish
and Mommy got the Jumbo Dog with mustard, ketchup & relish!
(The kids begged for Cheetos so hence that instead of potato salad or slaw)
The Hot Dogs we actually yummy and my Jumbo Dog was HUGE!
I started thinking I should have been brave and tried one of the more exotic
hot dog choices since thats what life is all about right...
The restaurant was themed CHOO CHOOs all over and I was soo hoping that they
did have the whole Choo Choo Express thing literally~
Hayden LOVES trains and he LOVED THIS HOT DOG PLACE!
'Lyza enjoyed her hot dog too but wanted to take pics so
I had to let her take one pic of me so she would eat her food! ha
The place had a quarter kiddie train ride to entertain them
while eating the hotdogs~luckily they didnt drain me of all my quarters!
'Lyza enjoyed the Thomas the Train ride-around track
fit just for her size!
Hayden had fun playing with the wooden train set~
I actually got to finish my whole hotdog while they played with
and looked at all the train things available~
They even had a Choo Choo train video playing on the TV-
showing off personal yards of people and their custom built train tracks...
Hayden was already begging for me to go home and build a train track in our yard
like these people had done in theirs...I told him to work Daddy on that! ha ha
The tracks on the video were amazing though and I could
really see how neat it would be to watch it go around the yard
under tunnels in the yard and over built bridges-way cool man!

Soo, we enjoyed celebrating NATIONAL HOTDOG MONTH today
We will have to go back and visit the Choo Choo Hot Dog Express
just for our normal hotdog cravings!
Maybe next time I will be brave and get a BRATWURST! ha

Somer Jane

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wet & Wild Waterpark~

We went to a waterpark today and had a blast!
Hayden my big boy even rode his first water slide all by himself~
I cant believe he is tall enough already!
The waterpark from a distance~This waterpark was perfect for smaller kids and my kiddos loved it!
Here is the waterslide area below...
the water all over the park was less than 4 feet deep,
so Hayden was comfortable enough going down the slides
since he could stand up, which was great!
Heres my daredevil sliding down on the tube slide.
I can not believe how brave this kid is...
he takes after his momma I tell ya!
hee hee
'Lyza and I just waited for him to come down the slide~
Doesnt he look like he is having a blast!
Hey there 'WATERBOY' Hayden
Having fun yet?
'Lyza (more low-key) just wanted to wade in the kiddie pool area
and was just happy pretending to swim around~
This playground in the middle of the kiddie pool area
was neat and if you walk by be warned that the
many kids above will try to soak you with buckets or hoses!
Hayden loved the kiddie slides just as much as the big kids slides!
I thought it was neat that the waterpark would issue you
a lifejacket if you requested... we had brought our own pink one
but they will only let you wear their standard issued jacket.
They had plenty of places to get wet if you needed to cool down~
I actually got 'Lyza to ride on my lap around the LAZY River!
She was a little nervous but I think she enjoyed the floating around once we
got going...Hayden of course thought it was a RACE Lazy River.
ha ha
Can you see Haydens name on the pic below...
That is where he is standing all by himself waiting in line to ride
the big kids slides...I think he could have rode those all day!
Hayden is fixing to come down the Yellow slide while
'Lyza and I wait at the bottom to get a picture of him~
Here he comes!
Im soo proud that he accomplished these slides today!
My big boy~
While Hayden was sliding,
'Lyza is trying to make friends! ha ha
Here she is trying to catch the lastest gossip on the 'Jonas Brothers'!
hee hee
Hey there little fish~
Just Keep Swimming-Just Keep Swimming!
Here is what I was talking about earlier...
dont get to close to the playground unless you WANT to get soaked!
The one picture I took with my baby girl just to prove I was having some
waterpark fun in the sun with my kiddos too- Good times!
Here is the link to the Tiebreaker Waterpark if your interested in going~
Mondays is BOGO ticket and the best deal if ya ask me!

Somer Jane