Friday, July 31, 2009

U is for Umbrella & W is for WATER!!

First things first... click on the link above!
This will get you in the mindset of our lovely afternoon
using Umbrellas for the letter U along with getting
WET with WATER for the letter W!!! hee
So we went WALKING with our UMBRELLAS
in the WET & WATER-filled afternoon!
The kids catching raindrops on their HEADS & Tongues!

What kid doesnt love to JUMP IN PUDDLES!
This was just too much fun...

Playing in the rain is FREE and its also one of GOD'S gifts to Earth!
Walking in the water!
WHERE does all the WATER go?
Not a Dry part on this lil' Princess~
The rain looks good on you handsome boy!

Life is only as fun and interesting as you make it!
I want my kiddos to remember that I was a mommy that
tried to make their lives just that~
Every kid dreams of playing in the rain and jumping in the puddles
(I know my kids do at least)
so we really enjoyed one of lifes summer moments this afternoon.
While having an adventure we were learning as well.
SURE when we got home we were all soaked to the bone...
but we just quickly changed clothes and snuggled up to a movie!
It was a perfect LIFE Summer Moment!
I wish those moments could last forever...

Somer Jane

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