Monday, July 27, 2009

Wet & Wild Waterpark~

We went to a waterpark today and had a blast!
Hayden my big boy even rode his first water slide all by himself~
I cant believe he is tall enough already!
The waterpark from a distance~This waterpark was perfect for smaller kids and my kiddos loved it!
Here is the waterslide area below...
the water all over the park was less than 4 feet deep,
so Hayden was comfortable enough going down the slides
since he could stand up, which was great!
Heres my daredevil sliding down on the tube slide.
I can not believe how brave this kid is...
he takes after his momma I tell ya!
hee hee
'Lyza and I just waited for him to come down the slide~
Doesnt he look like he is having a blast!
Hey there 'WATERBOY' Hayden
Having fun yet?
'Lyza (more low-key) just wanted to wade in the kiddie pool area
and was just happy pretending to swim around~
This playground in the middle of the kiddie pool area
was neat and if you walk by be warned that the
many kids above will try to soak you with buckets or hoses!
Hayden loved the kiddie slides just as much as the big kids slides!
I thought it was neat that the waterpark would issue you
a lifejacket if you requested... we had brought our own pink one
but they will only let you wear their standard issued jacket.
They had plenty of places to get wet if you needed to cool down~
I actually got 'Lyza to ride on my lap around the LAZY River!
She was a little nervous but I think she enjoyed the floating around once we
got going...Hayden of course thought it was a RACE Lazy River.
ha ha
Can you see Haydens name on the pic below...
That is where he is standing all by himself waiting in line to ride
the big kids slides...I think he could have rode those all day!
Hayden is fixing to come down the Yellow slide while
'Lyza and I wait at the bottom to get a picture of him~
Here he comes!
Im soo proud that he accomplished these slides today!
My big boy~
While Hayden was sliding,
'Lyza is trying to make friends! ha ha
Here she is trying to catch the lastest gossip on the 'Jonas Brothers'!
hee hee
Hey there little fish~
Just Keep Swimming-Just Keep Swimming!
Here is what I was talking about earlier...
dont get to close to the playground unless you WANT to get soaked!
The one picture I took with my baby girl just to prove I was having some
waterpark fun in the sun with my kiddos too- Good times!
Here is the link to the Tiebreaker Waterpark if your interested in going~
Mondays is BOGO ticket and the best deal if ya ask me!

Somer Jane

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