Tuesday, July 21, 2009

O is for Ocean Creatures~

So I love my subscription to Disneys Family Fun
Magazine that I get every month!
They have the neatest ideas for fun things to do with your
little bebes and my bebes sure do love crafts & cooking!
We are working on the letter O this week and I saw this
craft to make OCEAN creatures and thought~PERFECT!!
You paint a cardboard egg shell container different colors
You add googly eyes to the creatures
Make a little ocean scene for the creatures to hang out on...
I used blue & green crystal rocks and beach shells
Hayden is glueing his octopus legs on his OCTOPUS!
Here is the completed OCEAN creature scene!
'Lyza made this pink and purple fishy!
Hayden and his little crab!
Mommy made this Oyster by herself!
We keep our OCEAN creatures as a table decoration!
We made starfish, crabs, octopus, an oyster, fishys with
Dory the fish too!

O is for OCEAN!!

Somer Jane

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Michelle said...

So cute!! We love Family Fun Magazine too.