Friday, July 24, 2009

Letter O Activities~

We learned about the letter O this week!

We watched some really cool videos about OWLS online below:

This 1st one below is showing an owl hoot in the wilderness, the kids loved it~

This next one is the Kids National Geographic website where we also looked up ostriches along with owls... a neat website for animal learning~

A Cool Owl puzzle for preschooler to do online~

Letter O Owl Alphabet Online Jigsaw Puzzle Activities and Crafts

I found some Oyster templates to print out and then used cheeriO's
as a math lesson. Each oyster had different numbers on top that
the kids had to put that many O' PEARLS in the oyster~
Hayden liked his all in a line and uniform!
She is in DEEP thought over this! hee hee
Yehhh...I DID IT!
We worked on LARGEST 'O' Objects
Haydens is below~
'Lyzas 'O' Objects

We learned how to make the color ORANGE!
We finger mixed red and yellow paint to make
Hayden loves to make handprints!
We took different round items to make
big 'O' prints with the orange paint~
I didnt have enough paper they wanted to make a GAZILLION
'O' print stamps!

One of Haydens finished masterpieces!
Hayden practicing his letter 'O' handwriting~
O is for OWL~
We made these easy Orange Owls from construction paper
and googly eyes.... WHooo WHooo!

Next week we are planning on learning the letter W and U!

Somer Jane

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