Friday, May 7, 2010

The Flood of 2010 in Middle Tennessee~

On May 2 & 3rd
My state went through the Flood of 2010!
It was something I've never seen in my lifetime here
and I pray it will not happen again in my children's lifetime.
Here below in the first video shows scenes of the River
right before it took over the businesses on Riverside Dr. the very next day~

Historic Dunbar Cave Area is where my children love to go
feed the ducks during the summertime.
Below in the video is the actual road we drive down that
was taken over by Swan Lake.
(Question: How does a Duck cross the road?)

Some pictures of all the destruction of the city below~

My son looking at one of the city parks we liked to visit
during the summer that is now under water~

Thank goodness my family was not affected by this horrible disaster.

We have been praying for all the families that have been though.

May God Bless Tennessee!

Somer Jane

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