Saturday, May 22, 2010

Books to Check Out at your Local Library~

I like to post neat books that we have found at the local library every now and then.
We have 3 cute and worth-mentioning ones
here for your reading pleaure below:

'Wheres the Dragon' is a cool book (especially for boys) that has raised pages
that you can feel marking the dragons hidden in the pages.
Its really neat that along with the story you can search
for all the hidden dragonsin the illustrations of the book.
(there are alot hidden too)
We all enjoyed reading this book by Jason Hook very much.

This book about Farmer Joe and the Music Show was note-worthy
because of the colorful pictures and cute storyline.
My kids love books about farms and animals, so they liked this
book by Tony Mitton.

This book I was interested in checking out myself since it was written by
the Dutchess herself, Sarah Ferguson.
It was along the same lines as the Fancy Nancy book series
so if your little girl likes those books she will like this story as well.
It made me want to throw a tea party for my little princess
by the end of the story. ;-)

Summer is here~
time for checking out a few good books!
Somer Jane

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