Monday, May 24, 2010

School's Out for Summer!

So we just bought a pool to celebrate the beginning of SUMMER!!
The kids are super excited and plan to eat, sleep and swim all
summer long in the 'NEW' backyard pool.
I was going to buy a summer pool pass to a city pool but
after looking at gas prices and the cost of a family pool pass,
I figured this pool on sale at Wally-World for $250 was the better deal!
(If I can get two full summers out of this pool it will be soo worth it)
Technically, its already worth it though seeing the excitement
and fun my kiddos are having and this is just the beginning of summer!

One of the grandmas gave us the kickboards last year at the end of summer
and Im glad they did...they are getting used this SUMMER!

Hopefully by the end of this Summer we can get Miss 'Lyza Jane
out of this life jacket and starting to doggie paddle!

Hayden is swimming already but should be even stronger by summers end~
his favorite thing to do is snorkel and dive under water to retrieve things!

If anyone is wondering what are plans are this summer you can bet
it includes grilling out and swimming in the pool most of the season!
Feel free to stop by and take a dip anytime!
Heres to the start of a
Somer Jane

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