Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Build it Project by Hayden~

Hayden was till feeling the wood working bug and so
he got another wood project down I had saved
in our crafts closet for a rainy day~
This build it yourself came from home depot last year I
got from a special event we went to and just saved.
It is a cute wheelbarrow planter.
Hayden was soo impressive to me that he needed no help whatsoever!
I just supervised and watched him go to town as he hammered
all the wood pieces together ~
He picked out the Pink and Green colors too and after
he started painting it I said Hayden it looks like a
yummy watermelon!
So he made watermelon seeds on the pink part
and this little wheelbarrow is the cutest thing ever!

I'm soo proud of him!
Hmm it won't be long now till I can get him to start really
making some things around here...
like a newly remodeled back deck
or a
covered porch swing
or even a
privacy fence around the backyard Ive been wanting!
ha ha ha
A mom can dream cant she!

Love ya Hayden
Somer Jane

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