Friday, April 30, 2010

Hayden the MOUSE??!! ha ha

Sooo my son Hayden yells to me from the other room...
"Mommmm, look I'm a MOUSE!!!"
Im like a mouse huh,
I turn around as he walks in the room and this is
the MOUSE I see below!!!

Of course I find this hysterical that he came up with this
"Mouse Dress-up" costume all by himself and I just laugh hard!
Of course I also think to this a glimpse of what his college days will be like?!
Hmmm, don't know...but either way I have this pic to
embarrass the heck out of him one day down the road!
(Also I might need to start hiding my bras...I mean MOUSE EARS!!)
ha ha ha
I just love my funny guy sometimes~
Somer Jane

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