Tuesday, May 5, 2009

River Barges & A Playground~

The one thing I'm happy about living in this city is
all the playgrounds they have scattered about town~
Of course you can never have enough playgrounds if you ask me!
Today we went to the riverfront playground...
usually I dont like this playground as much due to the fact
that you have to watch your children like a hawk since the
playground has no fence or barrier separating the big hill down to
the river and my children are very adventureous and try test their limits.
But overall today was calm and I only had to threaten their lives
a couple of times for leaving the playground gravel area...hee
These slides were cool~
Sometimes we get barges that pass by our riverside area....
today we got lucky!
The kids could have sat and watched the boats all day...
well Hayden could have anyways!

The river has flooded the riverwalk due to all the rain
so we were able to go swimming if we wanted!! ha ha JK!
Hayden was looking for fish or ANYTHING he could examine~
Walking hand & hand back up the walkway~
The barges were just loading up when we got there...
perfect timing!
Here is the second barge turning around to load up~
Hayden was really interested in the barges, it was nice to just
watch them float slowly by~
'Lyza found a swing to occupy her time~

Somer Jane

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